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Comment 14 Jan 2020

They will improve, but besides Wade, we don't have any ballers in that back 7.  No Shazier's, no Darron Lee's, no Vonn Bell's.  Just a bunch of OK guys, who will do an OK job.  Good thing is, I believe that with the offense we'll have, like LSU this year, the defense will be just good enough to win a natty.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Anybody who can't admit that our defense is going to be a step back from this year is silly.  They won't suck ass, but they won't be dominant like this year - and even this year it had some weaknesses (mentioned in this thread) that made them beatable.  Those weaknesses remain while our secondary takes a step back as well. 

Comment 07 Jan 2020

My closest one is - when I was a teen (am 33 now) I was a POS opiate addict.  One night I drank about half a bottle of vodka and did a bunch of the strongest heroin I'd ever done.  I only know this because the next day I still had some in my pocket and of course I did it and it was super, super strong. 

If you know anything about opiates, you know combining them with alcohol or any other CNS depressant is a death wish.  Well I thought I was invincible and I was drunk so of course I did it (one time only and never again).  The last thing I remember is that I was in the back seat of the car that we took to go get the shit, doing it.  We had left this house where the party was and apparently I passed out in back seat on the way back.  Instead of taking me to the hospital, my "friends" took my back to that house and carried me inside.  At least they called the ambulance. 

I remember waking up to the EMT doing this maneuver where he was grinding his knuckle into the middle of my chest.  I don't know how or why it works but try it on yourself (don't apply too much pressure, it hurts and you can probably hurt yourself).  That guy, whoever he was probably saved my life.  When I woke up my brother was there, along with a police officer and the EMT, so I had to be out for at least an hour because my brother lives 30 mins away.  My brother being in law enforcement, is the only reason the police didn't search me or ask me any questions.  I was so messed up that when I woke up, I started screaming at the EMT (who just saved my life) and my brother who was trying to calm me down.  I then ran away, I ran to my house which wasn't that far.  Apparently the EMT and police just left at that point, and let my brother take care of it.  Probably a "courtesy" type of thing because any other person would've been f'd in that situation.

Eventually I made it home, my brother calling me I answered and told him I was fine.  He came over and we had a not so nice chat, then he left and I went to sleep.  I still cannot believe it happened and feel so lucky not to be dead.  I could've easily again went to sleep and not woke up, but I did the next day and of course, carried on with my behavior.  From the time I passed out to the time I woke up there was nothing.  Just black, just like you're asleep.  I've changed a lot since those days, but I think that's the closest I've ever been to death. 

A couple more that rank:

- was a passenger in a car with this girl driving drunk in winter, slid off the road, the car stopped literally inches from a tree slamming directly into my passenger-side door.  I would've been the one to die if there was a crash.

- After a night of partying my heart began racing.  I went home and it was getting up into the 170's.  That's when I had my mom take me to ambulatory care.  They put me on a monitor and it got well into the 200's at points.  It was hours of me just waiting to see if I was going to have a heart attack.  That sucked.  Yet I continued.

The drugs, kids... they're bad.  Real bad...