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Comment 21 Sep 2020

Sounds like a conspiracy theory, but then again what else should one expect - it's 2020.

Comment 03 Sep 2020

I can't believe how old and ornery you pretend to be in this fake persona that you created, either. 

Can I just express my appreciation for your use of a comma here?

Comment 02 Sep 2020

I don't know about you but I love my president.  Hopefully she can come through for us.

Comment 09 Jul 2020

Doubtful, but you're entitled to your opinion. Maybe those folks didn't make it a political issue and wore masks and social distanced.

Well it's the US leadership that actually made it a political issue by refusing to wear masks and social distance, but yes I can confirm, everyone over here wears a mask and did so even before the stores were open again and required masks to enter.  The bars remain closed here because obvious, and cases are going down daily.  The US on the other hand has 55K new cases a day.  Seems like a leadership problem to me.

Comment 09 Jul 2020

Or they just stopped testing. 

Oh god, stop making shit up.  I Live in France, can confirm that testing has definitely not stopped.  This doesn't help your cause and makes you sound ignorant when you speak about things on the basis of something you read on the Internet.  The fact is, we were arrogant and unwilling -- some would say those are specifically American traits (esp in this current "era") and now we are paying the price.  The next price to be paid will be no football, all because some people would rather let it all burn than admit we have a problem.

Comment 14 Apr 2020
Guys dont worry, This human engineered virus will miraculously disappear soon, no worries, its all part of the plan. Jist long enough that you clearly remember and are deathly afraid of what could have been if it had not gone dormant... and reason for them to push mass vaccinations on us before "it comes back". You as a responsible citizen of the world will be expected to get in line for vaccination. Just watch...