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Comment 07 Jun 2019

He just looks like a hell of a guy.  Sure he's handsome (nh) but he looks kind, intelligent, and generally just someone you'd want to be around.  I think I may have just discovered that I have man crush on McLaurin.  Is this forum public?...

Comment 06 Jun 2019

For those interested, I've been working on an improved implementation and it's kinda getting to be a little respectable actually... Here's just another random one I generated for Indiana:

The Ohio State Buckeyes played the Indiana Hoosiers on Saturday and the final score was Ohio State 41, Indiana 21.

The game was played at the Carrier Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana. Both teams were ranked No. 1 in the AP poll.

The game featured a lot of action from the offensive line, with the Buckeyes having a lot of success in the run game.  The Buckeyes ran for a total of 541 yards and scored 21 points on the ground.

Indiana was without starting quarterback Tyler Bray, who was out with a knee injury that he suffered in the first quarter of the game on Saturday. Bray was replaced by freshman quarterback Jake Waters, a former walk-on who has played just two games this season.

"Jake Waters did a pretty good job, especially on third downs where we needed some help, but it wasn't enough," said Indiana coach Matt Painter. "We had a lot of problems on offense, though."

Ohio State's best tackler on the night was sophomore defensive end Nick Bosa, who had three sacks and a forced fumble. His play helped keep pressure on the Hoosiers' offensive line.

"He's an explosive guy on the edge," said Ohio State coach Urban Meyer after Saturday's game. "... Nick does what he's supposed to do for us. If he's not playing well, we're going to have to rely on him."

Comment 06 Jun 2019

True, if we could a consistent timeout blocker off the edge, they'd be a real freakin asset... LMAO.

...including an illegal drop penalty. 

Just gotta make sure he cleans up those illegal drop penalties.  Those are killer.

Comment 05 Jun 2019

By comparison here's what it generated from the limited version for the unicorn prompt:

The research team led by Professor Richard Reber of the University of New South Wales, the South Australian and Tasmanian Governments, and South American experts, have named the herds after their own country's national heroes who have helped save the lives of a multitude of people across the world.

The team found 10 male white unicorns in South America. The team was able to collect the animals while the animals were still living in the surrounding country for the purpose of identifying them.

Professor Richard Reber of the University of New South Wales commented "The discovery is quite a surprise. The white unicorns could not be found earlier. We have just discovered the first of their breed in South America. We think that these animals could live in the lowland forests of this remote southern area for much of their life. This is a stunning, unique and exciting discovery for conservation science."

Professor Michael Beresford from the Queensland Government said "We were delighted to partner with the scientists who have discovered these remarkable animals. They have just provided a magnificent example of how scientists can look deep into the soul of the environment and make amazing discoveries.

As you can see, at only about 23% of it's full potential, it lacks the same level of coherence (although still not bad) in that it "forgets" and generates some subtle contradictions and nonfacts. 

Comment 05 Jun 2019

When/if they release the full version I'll get it running and regenerate these.  The full version is a lot more impressive.  Take this sample, for example starting with the prompt: In a shocking finding, scientist discovered a herd of unicorns living in a remote, previously unexplored valley, in the Andes Mountains. Even more surprising to the researchers was the fact that the unicorns spoke perfect English.


The scientist named the population, after their distinctive horn, Ovid’s Unicorn. These four-horned, silver-white unicorns were previously unknown to science.

Now, after almost two centuries, the mystery of what sparked this odd phenomenon is finally solved.

Dr. Jorge Pérez, an evolutionary biologist from the University of La Paz, and several companions, were exploring the Andes Mountains when they found a small valley, with no other animals or humans. Pérez noticed that the valley had what appeared to be a natural fountain, surrounded by two peaks of rock and silver snow.

Pérez and the others then ventured further into the valley. “By the time we reached the top of one peak, the water looked blue, with some crystals on top,” said Pérez.

Pérez and his friends were astonished to see the unicorn herd. These creatures could be seen from the air without having to move too much to see them – they were so close they could touch their horns.

While examining these bizarre creatures the scientists discovered that the creatures also spoke some fairly regular English. Pérez stated, “We can see, for example, that they have a common ‘language,’ something like a dialect or dialectic.”

Dr. Pérez believes that the unicorns may have originated in Argentina, where the animals were believed to be descendants of a lost race of people who lived there before the arrival of humans in those parts of South America.

While their origins are still unclear, some believe that perhaps the creatures were created when a human and a unicorn met each other in a time before human civilization. According to Pérez, “In South America, such incidents seem to be quite common.”

However, Pérez also pointed out that it is likely that the only way of knowing for sure if unicorns are indeed the descendants of a lost alien race is through DNA. “But they seem to be able to communicate in English quite well, which I believe is a sign of evolution, or at least a change in social organization,” said the scientist.

They are claiming the full version is too dangerous to release to the public, though, so don't get your hopes up.  But dang, that's incredible.

Comment 11 May 2019

still crazy how much butthurt (can I say that on here?)

If you're questioning whether or not you can say "butthurt" on 11W, you are clearly a much, much better human being than I.  I think it's fine, btw ;)

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Don't worry, this is your year, blu.  It's gonna be a down year for us.  Not quite 2011 levels, but enough that UM actually has a chance this year.  A pretty good chance at that...

Comment 16 Apr 2019

I couldn't have given a shit less what Haskins did in the spring game last year because I saw what he did to scum the year before.  Also you seem to think I'm insinuating that Fields looked bad.  I was actually quite a  bit relieved by him.  He looks like he can make the throws if given the opportunities.  It's just that if Fields struggles or god forbid gets hurt, this season is over -- and on top of that, he's unproven.  That's not a good place to be...  Haskins was a proven commodity, anyone with half a brain could see it coming.  Fields, not so much and people who compare them are either being dishonest or practicing a shitload of wishful thinking.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Eventually, every link to our history as organic humans will crumble and burn.  This is one such event.  Just be glad that you got to witness it rather than never know it, which is a fate that awaits most of our future generations.