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June 16, 2021 at 10:32am

I'm proud as hell of having this great football program around here in Ohio.  The chance to go to the games again and all.  The grandiosity of it.  

And I am A-OK with Ohio State being a solid runner up in this sport these days.  It would be great if somehow they did win it, but these last 2 teams are the best I've ever seen.  They still just weren't good enough to win the whole thing.  

I've watched for 28 years.  They're still the best teams I ever got to see.  If second place or Final Four is the sky, the limit, whatever, that does not bother me.  I'm still grateful for it and shudder to think if OSU wasn't a Top 4 program and remember when it wasn't.  

Titles or not, this is a golden era in Ohio State football.  Even if it is just always going to be for the silver.  

I still think when Saban retires though, OSU is in prime position for the gold.  Have to just keep it going though.  Don't start slipping. 


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