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Comment 23 Nov 2019

7C here.  I am so proud to have been there and to have been able to endure the cold rain.  I was worried about it all week, but four layers and a half dozen Mega Warmers did the job.  I never left my seat even for halftime.  

There's just nothing like a game at the Shoe.  So fortunate to have been able to attend another season of games there.  Nothing better in the world.  

Comment 25 Oct 2019

I really thought Wisconsin's best chance to win was going to be if their QB got hot and burned the middle of the defense with their tight ends.  If they can't do that, they're stuck with trying to run it up the gut all game.  That's not going to cut it against this D-line.  

Comment 25 Oct 2019

I wouldn't be there tomorrow if they weren't going to be.  

It's going to be cold, rainy and awful.  I'm old and rickety.  I'd just eat my ticket and watch it on TV if it wasn't for wanting to go to Skull Session and watch the band come out on the field.  Hell, if it's too bad out there I might go down and watch the game in the concourse shortly after the band walks off. 

Comment 25 Oct 2019

This is the only time I ever root for Notre Dame.  

Michigan sucks though.  If Notre Dame can't win this, it really means Georgia is awful.  Georgia might be awful.  Awful stupid as well for letting Fields get away.  Thank goodness for that though.  

Comment 25 Oct 2019

I'm nervous as hell about this game for some reason.  Had the nervous stomach all day.  I don't know if I'm worried about winning or freezing and getting drenched.  Probably all of the above.  I think Wisconsin saved up for this.  I'm just having '15 MSU flashbacks.  OSU lost by not being ready to play a physical football game that night.  They better damn well be ready to play one tomorrow, because Wisconsin will be.  

Comment 10 Jun 2019

In progress horror story collection, eh?  

You should read my journal.  Filled with countless daydreams about being dead and buried.  Followed with occasional stories made up about anorexic brunettes who hack their guts out in the cemetery after huffing toxic chemicals.  They always end up living though, but wishing they were dead. 

This is my free time now.  I'm a recluse.  This is it for me.  

See why I need Ohio State football to be worth a damn?  

Comment 17 Dec 2018

I'm 36 too, but I'm not sure now that he's going to be the best in my lifetime.  What if we get stuck now with mediocrity forever because he decided to quit so early?  

I always figured whenever he walked away, it was over as far as being truly nationally relevant.  I expect now that OSU will go the way of Michigan, Penn State and Notre Dame.  And you'll see what I mean when ND gets stomped in the CFP.  Physically, they're just not up there on that level.  

OSU was this year and has been since probably 2014.  I expect that to come to an end now.  

Comment 17 Dec 2018

Notre Dame

I only want them to win if they play Michigan.  Any other game, I want them to get stomped just like they will against Clemson.  

Comment 17 Dec 2018

Cooper gets short changed.  He had OSU at the same level they are now, just choked against Michigan and never won it all.  But he had to build them up more than Urban did to get them on that level.  And he didn't have a 100,000 seat stadium yet either.  

Makes me think as long as you stay open to nationwide recruiting, you can do pretty well here.  So maybe Day will be all right.  

Comment 15 Dec 2018

I've just had to cut a lot of it out.  Watching it.  

The sound is real low and/or muted a lot of times.  For games I don't care much about (like today's), I usually just watch the recap.  I'm not wasting a Saturday a couple weeks after football season to watch an OSU basketball practice turn into a game.  

Although I will admit I saw the last 30 seconds live.  Heard people complaining about how OSU blew a 10 point lead.  

Comment 15 Dec 2018

Tulane, that's back when the season was still going to be pretty fun.  

It ended up fun enough I guess, but many weeks of hell between Tulane and Michigan.  

Comment 14 Dec 2018

Because they live here, dammit.  

If OSU loses to those bastards, we get to have them rubbing our nose in piss for a year.  People who say it's not on the level of the Iron Bowl are full of shit.  Michigan fans are all over the place here.  It's terrible, but I just think they do it to be contrarian. 

Whatever it is, they were talking big and walking tall even just because they were favored in the game.  They would have been awful if they won.  

When OSU won again, I just quietly accepted it.  Those loudmouths would have been all over me for 1 damn win over the last ever how many it's been now.  

Oh, and the John Cooper years.  I will always hate them.  

Comment 13 Dec 2018

Why would he stay here over the NFL?  

Hell, he could end up flopping here and still make it in the NFL.  I think he wanted the NFL.  This whole situation just looks like a short term deal.  

Comment 13 Dec 2018

Bama/Clemson will be the game of the year.  

That's how awful this regular season was as far as great ballgames.  Personally, watching OSU clobber Michigan was great.  But it wasn't a clash of the titans.  Just a smearing of a rotten banana.  

Comment 13 Dec 2018

I don't care about a good year for the Big Ten.  The Big Ten sucks and is built to be OSU's MAC.  Once again, they gagged on one of the cupcakes.  

This conference is not good.  That's why the OSU job is the best in America.  Bigtime everything and a slate of nothing every year.  Should be an automatic CFP ticket punched, yet they've been missing it.  Kind of a failure really.  

Comment 13 Dec 2018

After reading that, I'd be OK with moving this game to October.  There just seem to be bigger fish to fry these days.  Maybe Purdue should be The Game.  OSU has had a lot more trouble with them over the last 10 years.  

Comment 13 Dec 2018

It feels like the game's already over.  I hope they win, but whether they win or lose it seems like it's time to move on to next year and forget this year.  

It's time to see if Ryan Day's going to be the next great coach or if OSU will have to find another one.  

Comment 12 Dec 2018

It probably will depend on who's available.  

Apparently, they didn't think they could do any better now so this is it.  If he's 9-3 Earle and there's somebody better out there, I'd hope OSU goes for it.