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Most Exciting Buckeyes

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April 9, 2021 at 5:24pm

This is a pretty simple question, though it can have a multitude of different answers depending on how you interpret it. I want to know who the 11W users think was/is the most exciting players to don the Scarlet and Gray. If you have memory that goes back 40-50 years or longer, you could go for all-time or, for those of us who don't remember Betamax tapes, during this century. 

What counts as "most exciting" is up to your interpretation, though personally I'd define it as a mix of most fun, most explosive, and biggest personality on and off the field. Some nominees on my end: Braxton Miller, Chase Young, Ezekiel Elliott, Justin Fields (obviously skewing toward recent years, as my peak interest in the sport started somewhere around 2013-14) 

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