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IF Jim Tressel Coached the 2011 (6-7) Buckeyes...

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March 3, 2021 at 10:46am

I've thought about this from time to time. Scenario:

  • Let's say the NCAA treated OSU's "violations" like they treated North Carolina or Auburn (i.e., slap on the wrist).  They still "punish" the guys like Boom & Posey, though...to show that they're "serious."
  • Pryor opts to go to the NFL though, after the 12-1  2010 season.  Braxton as a true freshman is competing to be the starting QB with Bauserman. Otherwise, nothing else is different.
  • That 6-7 Buckeyes team lost a lot of close games (6) by a TD or less.

I'm still giving them the "L" to Miami early in the season (they lost 24-6). 

But I think that we'd actually be looking at a 1-Loss OSU team that finished would have likely finished #3 in the Nation.

EDIT: LSU played Bama (repeat of an earlier season game) for the 2012 NC. Bama won 21-0 in an ugly, boring game. In this scenario, it is possible OSU plays LSU for the NC. Bama didn't win the SEC. Likely, it would have been Big 10 Champ OSU vs. SEC champ LSU for the BCS NC.

Pretty astounding to consider what Tress meant to his OSU teams, which functionally had no real offensive coordinator or offensive staff to speak of.



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