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Top 5 Most Hyped Ohio State Recruits That You Remember.

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February 26, 2021 at 5:52pm

The idea here is to recall highly touted recruits that ended up playing for Ohio State. Do not take into consideration how these hyped players ended up performing.  Just want to have fans recall the hype that caused your excitement and expectation meter to skyrocket.  There are so many factors in embracing a recruit that I can see there being a wide range of players.  Some like nasty attitude, some speed, maybe you think they fill a position of need perfectly, maybe it was because we weren’t expected to be able to get that player.  Give your list, tell what you remember about that player that had you abuzz.

1. Terrell Pryor.  Superior athlete, tall and a QB, everyone wanted him.

2. Ted Ginn Jr.  Good Lawd, watching him run track for the ‘ville.  That speed.

3.  Andy Katzenmoyer.  Size and speed.  Need to be strong up the middle.

4. Art Schlister  OH small town kid, that poured it out on the field.  Two sport talent. Win, win win.  Transform out of the 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

5. Maurice Clarett  Unstoppable force.  Man against boy type physicality.  Ohio State loves a running back and he was projected as a freshman starter.

This actually was a pretty tough list.  I was going to name guys left off my list, but I want to see who puts them above my most hyped.







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