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Playoff Expansion As a Long-Term Parity Project: Repairing CFB

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January 14, 2021 at 1:19pm

Playoff expansion is a great way, to me, to help mitigate the parity problem we have in CFB today. Teams with the best recruits compete for championships, which gets them even more great recruits, which allows them to compete for more championships and so on .Obviously Bama, OSU, Clemson will still be great, but I'm really interested in what an expanded playoff will do for the recruiting of other schools. Lots of recruits choose Bama, OSU, Clemson etc. because they compete for the championship consistently. An expanded playoff gives more teams the chance to do that, and recruits will take notice, and potentially choose those schools over traditional powerhouses. Teams that finish 5-8 in the final CFP rankings could get a recruiting boost that might give us more competitive teams on a yearly basis instead of the 2-3 we see now. So I've compiled the list of teams that have finished 5-8 in each CFP ranking since its inception and the number of times they've finished within that range:

Texas A&M, Oklahoma (2), Florida, Cincinnati, Georgia (2), Oregon, Baylor (2), Wisconsin (3), Ohio State (3), TTUN (2), UCF, Auburn, USC, PSU (2), Iowa, Stanford, Notre Dame, TCU, Michigan State, and Mississippi State.

Now obviously, some of these schools recruit well regardless of CFP inclusion, and some of them wouldn't recruit well even if they made it, but it's something to consider for sure. Beyond the above schools, a place like Miami, UNC, or Texas making the CFP would also probably help create some recruiting balance, which would lead to more parity across CFB. This is, to me, probably the main reason why CFP expansion needs to happen. It creates excitement but will also help level the playing field over time and give us a more exciting sport.

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