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Embrace the Beauty of the Ryan Day Rumors

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January 13, 2021 at 12:17pm

This probably won't be the last of these rumors, this year and into the future. 

But I am embracing the beauty of this. 

Michigan fans spent the years from 2015-2019 bragging about how their coach was wanted by the NFL but our coach was not. As OSU repeatedly kicked their ass, it was perhaps their main bragging point in talking about recruitment and how their future was bright - Jimbo was an NFL guy, but Urban's schemes just weren't NFL material. 

Now, Harbaugh is in the 50% mark-down aisle after nobody in the NFL wanted him. Urban is getting offered 8 figures to coach the Jags. And we are fighting NFL teams off of Ryan Day. It's beautiful. (And obviously Ryan Day is not leaving Columbus to go to Philly). 

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