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2020 Season Predictions Thread

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October 23, 2020 at 1:30pm

Friends, at this time tomorrow we will be drinking beers and/or Quality House Bourbon (if you're Ramzy) and watching Ohio State football. It will almost certainly be the best day 2020 has had to offer for the majority of us, and we've earned it.

For the life of me, I haven't seen one dedicated thread wherein we all discuss our thoughts on the actual football season, make some predictions (that will come back to validate or haunt us later), and shoot the shit about what's to come.

Here are some prediction ideas to jog your little Buckeye minds. Choose your favorites or none at all:

1. Rushing, receiving, sack, tackle leaders, any Ohio State specific predictions, upset alert, final record, surprise players, etc.

2. All Big-Ten/All-American/Award Season/Heisman Winners?

3. Big Ten order of finish? Sleeper team(s)?

4. Most likely to be a household name after this year (Def/Off)?

5. Playoff Teams?

6. National Champion (homering is expected but not required)?

7. Other conference thoughts and/or predictions?

Anyway, let's GET AFTER IT!


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