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Open Letter to the Buckeyes

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October 20, 2020 at 12:13pm

Dear Buckeye Players,

We are not allowed to be in the Shoe on Saturdays or in the visiting stands for road games but know this. When you make a play there will be 100s of Thousands of us cheering out at the same time, you may not hear us in the stands or see us tailgating but know that we are all collectively fist pumping, high fivin' and cheering from wherever we are.  We will be thinking about the Skull Session a couple hours before game time, we will be lining up the sidewalk for the player walk in our heads. We will hear and see Script Ohio in our souls. When you run onto the field we are there with you, when you score we are there with you, when you blow up an opposing player we are there with you....we can't be there in person but we are there! I will savor every game, every Saturday, every play this season and I will be yelling, cheering, agonizing and rooting as hard as I ever have...I know 100's of thousands (actually millions) will be doing the same....when the stadium seems quiet please remember that the cheers are there, you may not hear them out loud, but know in your hearts they are there and we are going crazy for our beloved Buckeyes. We love our team!

Go Bucks!!!!

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