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Anyone else Still Lacking Nearly All Confidence in the Big Ten to Execute This Through to December 19?

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September 16, 2020 at 5:04pm

On paper today should be a day for celebration ...or at the very minimal, a huge sigh of relief.

But I just can't stop asking "why?" all of this mess was necessary in the first place?

And unfortunately, I can't help but have the lowest of expectations for the collective Big Ten brass to scrape themselves up off the floor, move on, and lead this conference through a successful season. I just have this awful sense that these prideful, arrogant administrators are anticipating with near certainty (Rutgers is already on record predicting October will be worse) that a rise in cases will doom the season... all simply to be validated in their asinine August 11 decision. This wasn't a "come to Jesus" revelation for the Council of President and Chancellors of the Big Ten and Kevin Warren that led to this reversal of a decision that "would not be revisited". This was a hand that was forced by legal action. I can't help but suspect that at least 8 Big Ten leaders are feeling resentful and vindictive that their superior vastly superior knowledge and wisdom that yielded the August 11 decision was so unanimously rejected and ridiculed by the public.

Yesterday, prior to this announcement of a resumed season, the chancellor at Wisconsin was quoted as saying if football is indeed brought back, we should be asking "what changed?".  Ironically that was the EXACT question I was asking, not today, but on August 11, mere days after the conference schedule was released. That was the exact question I was asking about the B1G as the SEC, ACC, and Big XII continued with their plans for a season, the exact question I was asking about the B1G as Ohio HS teams first took the field, and the exact question I was asking about the B1G as teams like ND and the KC Chiefs hosted games with fans attending.

I'm a naturally a positive person, but this whole unnecessary fiasco left me feeling like some leader 1) cancelled Christmas Day as a holiday, 2) expected the commoners to nod their heads in agreement and applaud the fortitude for making such a prudent decision, 3) that leader was agonizingly awful at explaining why the decision was made in the first place, and 4) that leader was agonizingly slow in finally reversing the awful decision. Ultimately...yes, 'Christmas Day' has been given back to us and that's great, but WHY in the hell was it taken away in the first place?

I'm thankful this is back....Really thankful!  I'm just having a hard time forgetting that this entire fiasco was never necessary in the first place... and a hard time believing that the Big Ten leaders who appear unqualified to manage a lemonade stand, let alone this upcoming season, are going to lead this thing through.

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