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B1G Contingency Plans: Scheduling Games in Short Notice

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September 16, 2020 at 4:45pm

9 games in 9 weeks concerns me for one reason, and it’s not the lack of a bye. OSU may be diligent and disciplined in staying Covid-negative, but it won’t matter if their opponent each week isn’t just as diligent and disciplined.

Simple solution if two or more games were canceled for the same Saturday would be for the conference to match up the schools that met criteria for playing. (Ex: OSU v Rutgers and Minnesota v Purdue canceled because of high case numbers at Rutgers and Minnesota. OSU plays Purdue instead.)

In the event only one game is canceled on a given Saturday, should the Big Ten allow teams to schedule a non-conference game if the conference game scheduled was canceled because of high case numbers of your original opponent and no other B1G opponents are available?

Baylor was able to schedule Houston for this Saturday, and it was scheduled only 6 days before the game. So, it’s possible to get a game quickly.

I’d hate to be left out of the CFP with a 6-0 record when 3 games were canceled because of opponent issues and none of our own. This is my biggest concern with the start date of 10/24, no bye for reschedules, and the strict criteria for playing each game.

If the non-conference team had to meet the same standard, why not? I hope contingency plans are being discussed. 


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