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Guys Forget Leaving the Big 10 - It's Not Happening.

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September 10, 2020 at 10:24am

I get the frustration and I love a lot of the dream scenarios - but point blank it is never happening.  You can talk about how much weight we could throw around as the TV draw for football in the Big Ten and tv contracts and yada yada yada.  The conference and the board of trustees at Ohio State do not care enough to outweigh the money involved in the BTAA (the academic alliance between Big Ten schools).  

The BTAA budget is almost $10 billion annually.  That is more than the NFL and every College Football conference combined.  The money it saves Ohio State annually in combined overhead is probably worth more than the entire TV contract on it's own.  

Yes the ACC is a good academic conference (I would debate against better - they have a few more top end schools but the B10 has a better average), but their academic alliance is nowhere near as well built or as powerful as the BTAA and it is at best years away from getting it there (and likely never will because of all the hoops they would have to go through).  

Unless we decouple athletics and academics (which I personally would be in favor of - but I don't know how we get there) - Ohio State is not leaving the Big Ten.  Even for the sake of football.  

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