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Ryan Day Zoom Call with Cleveland.com, Shares His Opinion About Spring Football

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August 12, 2020 at 12:34pm

I'm a text subscriber to the Cleveland.com BuckeyeTalk text forum, I've no idea if the Zoom call is just for Cleveland.com or if it's for all reporters on the beat. I also do not know if this information will be published eventually, please give cleveland.com some clicks if you like the information and consider subscribing to BuckeyeTalk podcast. Texts are from Doug Lesmerises, Nathan Baird, and/or Stephen Means.


Buckeye Talk: Zoom call with Ryan Day now:
* Ryan Day wants quick decision on spring football. He would want it to actually be winter football and start first week of January. Wants an 8-week season. He thinks that early start, and the idea of NFL pushing back the Draft, would give guys like Justin Fields a chance to stay and play. But he said that needs to be done quickly so Fields and others can make decisions about their next few months. But he is not giving up hope on idea of Fields playing a delayed season.
* What is next? Day says they owe it to guys to get answers ASAP. He's clearly frustrated that so much up in the air.

Buckeye Talk: More Day:
* He mentioned the idea of a 2-for-1 with incoming freshmen. Could early entry freshmen play in January and then play again in the fall? Day brought that up on his own and was intrigued by it.
* Day is REALLY in on winter football. Maybe we need to be calling it that instead of spring football. I asked about roster management for 2021 and he said he is worried about that if there's no season. He said that would be a problem. But he said it wouldn't be an issue if they play in January, and he is quite focused on that. His enthusiasm is a little surprising and feels like a shift in how we maybe need to be thinking about this

Buckeye Talk: More Day:
* Says he is NOT worried about guys transferring out of Ohio State. Said he's sure other schools will be interested in some Buckeyes, "but I don't see how it's possible or even safe." Doesn't see how guys could get ready to play so quickly, learn a new scheme and get a waiver and play this fall. I feel like maybe he's sending more of a message than actually sure this is how it will go.
* Day says meeting to tell team no season "was an awful meeting." Toughest meeting he ever had. Said message was things are taken from you in life, and this season was taken from them.

Buckeye Talk: More Day:
* EVERY ANSWER is focused on playing in January and February. Asked about the recruiting hit if SEC and others play this fall and OSU does not, his answer is that it would be bad for OSU "if we weren't to play in January and February, but because of that I think that's why we HAVE to play."
* Day CRACKS the door on still playing this fall. Says he talked to Gene again this morning about fall options, and question was about playing Big Ten teams like Michigan, Penn State, Nebraska who want to play. The NO FALL answer that Gene Smith and OSU spokesman gave yesterday ... Day says not 100 percent over. I'm fascinated. 

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