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Sad We Have to Hope for the Other 3 Conference’s to Fail

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August 12, 2020 at 10:01am

The decision to cancel the season so early was a bit premature.  They could’ve waited.  Now we find ourselves in a precarious situation.  If the 3 remaining power conferences succeed in having a fall season, Ohio State and the BigTen would really put themselves in a hole not just for this season but for the next two at the very least.  Even if those conferences play only 5-7 games they can still host recruits in a football atmosphere.  Now we still don’t know if those conferences will have fans.  Not sure how recruits will feel sitting in an empty stadium.  However if your those 3 conferences you are telling the recruits, hey at least we’re playing....  the big ten may never play again.  The big ten also looks like hey we didn’t want to have the liability with this.  That is understandable but so far the other 3 have figured it out (not sure if they have) and the ncaa has no plans to postpone basketball in November (which is still football season)  If the players were hesitant I would agree with postponing or canceling.  However, the players WANT to play, it’s what they do.  Sadly in order to just keep up we have to hope for other teams/conferences to fail.  How stupid is it going to look if the other 3 actually finish a season and the other remaining idiot conferences play football in spring.  Maybe in the end this is the right decision, no one knows for sure, but what we do know is we could’ve waited.  Unless something major happens between now and the start of the season we will have a couple weeks of football with the remaining manly conferences.  After that who knows.  

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