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Comment 12 Jan 2021

Completely agree with the COVID issue and they do bend the rules like beckham!

oversigning is still alive in bama.  I looked at something that had them with 15 more players than OSU in the past 3 years.  Could you imagine having 15  4-5 stars just basically trying out for you and if you don’t make he kicks you out.  

not too concerned with the paying money other than we get in trouble for it..... lose scholarships but they get rewarded with championships.  They have a disproportionate amount of players that always seem to come back.  Maybe it’s legit but the last program that did that......  USC!! 

Saban will find every loophole and his assistants are outstanding.  

Comment 12 Jan 2021

I will also add the players once they get on the field they play clean.  Couldn’t believe the amount of garbage teams were talking (fights)  and cheap shots during the bowl games.  They just come to play.    On a side note would love to know how they avoided the COVID crap when that state was getting hammered!!  Maybe they all got it during the summer when no one cared.  If so...  very shrewd.  

Comment 12 Jan 2021

I like his AFLAC commercials............  but not the over-signing.  He definitely created a monster in a conference that is for anything goes!  Glad Sark is gone.  He is absolutely the GOAT when it comes to getting assistants to come with him.   

Comment 19 Dec 2020

Nope.....  too much money on the table.  However he could use another year without covid.....  

haha couldn’t we all!!! 

Comment 19 Dec 2020

Clearly not ready or focused.  Really need those games they couldn’t play.  This team needs more time.  Not even close to where they need to be and that includes the coaching staff learning what to do with the new group of players.  It absolutely shows.  Bama and clemson and even ND have had games to work out the kinks.  This year is wasted because of lack of preparation.  (Covid and stupid BigTen). The defense is subpar, offensive line not consistent.  Fields looks desperate.  Running game has no explosiveness.  Secondary is atrocious.  DL needs more work along with the LB.  I believe most of these issues could’ve been worked out but this team is not ready.  What could’ve been.  I think what surprises me most is Day’s horrible play calling.  

Comment 12 Sep 2020

Or if we are the away team on non-conference doesn’t the home team have the tv rights???  Not sure how that works but I would love if they play all non conference and away so the bigten gets nothing 

Comment 12 Sep 2020

Of course we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes but ohio State hasn’t done nearly enough.  Ryan day is out vocalizing his support but where is everyone else.  Sorry but unless I see where our President and AD have been doing anything they both get an F.   Why was Nebraska the only lawsuit.  Why didn’t we join with or have our own.  Who is running this idiot show and not just the BigTen.  

Comment 10 Sep 2020

I want more than anything for the Buckeyes to leave the BigTen but not to the acc or sec.  I want them to go independent or start another conference with Nebraska and iowa.  Although it would make sense if those two join the bign12.