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So Which Players Xfer Out?

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August 12, 2020 at 12:08am

So I'm looking at this logically:  assume for the sake of argument that at least for the next two weeks it looks as though some combination of (or all of) the ACC, Big 12, and SEC are going to play.  This is not to say they get all the way to late September and start, or that they finish a season, or even whether or not it's a good idea... just that they continue to plan on playing.  

With that scenario: which OSU players seek a transfer?  Wade and Fields are the easy picks, although I think both could just as easily just sit and assume they'll still be first rounders regardless of what happens on the field (again- scenario not necessarily reality) with players in active conferences.  But what about 3rd year guys that think they could have a magical year and find a nice early slot in the NFL or other "less-talented" seniors who want to play one more year either for fun or to try and get into the league.... Who tries to go?  

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