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Sticking Together, Our Port in the Storm

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August 10, 2020 at 12:28pm

Hi there, 11W - how are we today (trust me, I know)?

Raising a hand (from a safe distance, and purposely in the OSU FB forum for visibility) here, with so much going on and so many of us left with a multitude of emotions ahead of what looks to be an empty fall...

Living within a glass half full moment, despite the fact we've lost much and it's still looking pretty thin the next few months. But we still have the site, we can still gather here and lean on one another to get through it. These aren't cheap or easy words either, because I've been through some very difficult personal struggles in recent years (good now) where 11W always there for me. That's a fact.

Without droning on, because the information is coming in hot, heavy, and by the second it seems, just asking all to take pause moving forward. Listen (look) at the words your fellow Dubber is expressing and keep in mind that while we all have different viewpoints we all ultimately want the same thing here. We'll get there, we'll endure.

It's easy to come into the forum fully loaded and ready to post, seems like I've felt this way all year. There's a ton to take in, more yet on the way, and no viable time frame in sight. The fear of the unknown, and with everything happening in and around the (sports)world it's clear guards are up.

So continue share here, as always - your opinions, information, insight, news, humor, whatever - in earnest, respecting ourselves and one another alike. Because that's how we'll get back to some normalcy, how we'll endure...together.

Be well, 11W community.

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