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2020 is the Football Gods’ Divine Judgement for Clemson Loss

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July 10, 2020 at 11:49pm

Hear me out (and understand the /s). 

2019 ended in the worst possible way. Ohio State was screwed by humans and the football gods want their pound of flesh. We thought they would be satisfied by humiliating Clemson in the National Championship but it wasn’t enough. So they’ve sent a pandemic, wrecked the economy, released the murder hornets, and now threaten the 2020 season. 
I can hear their conversations in the pantheon.

“You want toilet paper to wipe yourself after you poop? Screw you! That was a fumble.”

”They think they can just tweak their schedules? You shouldn’t have ejected Wade! You don’t deserve to see him play again.”

I don’t know what sacrifices may satisfy their vengeance, but I would be willing to offer up the countless tears of the few faithful fans of TTUN. Let us continue to play their YouTube clips on a loop until the gods are willing to restore our 2020. 

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