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A Buckeye fan my whole life, now residing in Virginia. I grew up going to football games. My dad is an alumnus. He was in the marching band - snare drum.

My best, at-the-game Buckeye memories:
1) 2002 win over TTUN in the Shoe
2) 2003 overtime win over NC State in the Shoe
3) 1997 Rose Bowl win over Arizona State (I was only in Elementary school but I'll never forget it)


  • NFL TEAM: Browns (are they still an NFL team???)
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 11 Aug 2017

"Now, you see, this article is the right stuff.  You can tell all the journalists on this site take time to research, deduce, inquire, and dig before jumping to conclusions.  And when you compare the quality of these articles to last year, they are improving each and every day and setting the bar high.  I would go as far to say that this is one of the best sites on all of the Internet."

- Anonymous Commentator

Comment 28 Apr 2017

I've come to realize that the best thing about Peppers going to the Browns is that he will never have success at the NFL level.  He didn't achieve anything in college and won't achieve anything in the NFL (at least never with the Browns). 

Just goes to show that if you want to avoid being drafted by the Browns or Bengals, go to OSU.  Sounds like another solid recruiting pitch for UFM.

Comment 28 Apr 2017

I didn't watch the draft last night.

I had a horrible dream overnight that OSU played Michigan in the middle of the season and OSU looked plain awful.  The worst part was that Jabrill Peppers was having a field day and looked great.

I woke up to much relief, realizing that the dream was a bizarre impossibility.  I checked the ESPN app on my phone and saw that the Browns took Peppers at the end of the first round.  Ruined my whole morning...

The nightmare continues.

Comment 09 Jan 2017

I am excited for Samuel as well as for the offense.  At this point JT is the only one coming back who is considered a weapon.  The coaching staff will forced to be creative without relying on one individual.  Plus, there will be no expectation or demand to get one person the ball.

For an offense that was inept at times, it is sort of refreshing to hit the reset button and start over.  Best wishes to these men as they pursue their dreams.  Hopefully their NFL futures are bright.

Comment 18 Nov 2016

I'm most worried about the weather.  OSU has athletes, but weather is the great equalizer.  And when you keep other teams in the game, anything can happen.  Go Bucks!  Beat MSU.  Beat bad weather.