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College Football Nerds Ohio State Preview

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June 29, 2020 at 9:24am

If you are unfamiliar with the CFB Nerds they do a great job of in-depth analysis of matchups and teams. They are starting their 2020 team previews and they are pretty high on OSU. 

Spoilers but they are predicting OSU to make it to the championship game. They arent picking a champion because they think that is silly based on 2019 LSU coming out of nowhere. However they did say that they dont think anybody from outside of the SEC has a chance of beating OSU(including Clemson.) They dont think Oregon will be able to hang with OSU athletically not going into too much detail because they are going to do a matchup video of that game soon. Same thing with PSU. 

On offense they love Trey Sermon, think Justin Fields is Justin Fields, and believe OSU will have one of the best offensive lines in the country. They also said the 2019 offense was under rated compared to the defense but the offense should be just as dominant in 2020. 

On defense they acknowledged all of the loses but feel like people are underselling how good the OSU back ups are OSU has 3 first round corners in 2019 which means guys like Cam Brown and Sevyn Banks could be great from day 1 in 2020. Didnt go into insane detail but the talent level is just simply so high this defense will be good. 

The most interesting discussion in my opinion was the OSU vs Clemson 2020 talk. They are not as high on Clemson as the media is. Clemson loses 4 offensive lineman, Ross and Higgins and if the next guys up arent equally as good as everybody who left then Clemson will be taking a step back. They also lose a lot on defense. People also oversell how well Clemson recruits but their depth is always scary thin. 


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