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What We Were Good and Weak at Last Year

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June 26, 2020 at 3:31pm

So I went back and looked at the final NCAA stats for several items and thought this might be interesting

The following categories we ranked in the top 30 nationally followed by a handful that were not quite so good

TOP - 25th, PR Defense - 10th, Fumbles Rec - 27th, RedZone O - 30th, RZ Defense - 2nd, INT's - 13th, INT's thrown - 3rd, 4th down Conv - 25th, 4th Down D - 7th, Blocked kicks - 14th, Total Off - 4th, Total D - 1st, TO Margin - 17th, TFL - 2nd, Sacks - 3rd, 3rd down Conv - 1st, 3rd Down D - 4th, Completion% - 13th, 1st downs - 2nd, 1st down D - 11th, Pass Eff - 5th, Pass Eff D - 1st, Rush Off - 5th, Rush D - 9th, Scoring O - 3rd, Scoring D - 4th

Quite an impressive list

So what were we not so good at. A much smaller list of course

So some middling scores ie over 40 but under 60 - 

KO Ret - 45th

Net Punting - 41st

Def TDs - 54th

And then the bad ie worse than 60th

TFL allowed - 62nd

Sacks allowed - 99th (this one obviously drive the TFL rank)

Punt Returns - 72nd

Penalty yards/game - 73rd

Fumbles lost - 122nd (we lost 13 fumbles on the year!!)

So as good as Fields was many of the sacks and fumbles were on him as he held the ball too long and at times was a bit careless on ball security.

Hopefully with more experience that will improve

But the big take away for me was again how meh our special teams were

take PR as an example, 7 teams averaged over 15 yards per return including Bama, UCLA, Wash St and Tenn, but we were less than half that at 7.31, to have ranked 30th we would have needed to be closer to 12.

KO Ret at 45th was based on a 21.77, but 30th was 22.82. Heck we have not had a KO returned for TD since Hall back in the Tressel era did it and Kansas St had 4 just last year

Even what is often a strong suite Net Punting was just so so and Chrisman had 8 kicks go into the end zone, we had 1 blocked leading to just a so so rank this past year

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