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Has There Ever Been a Survey Re What Percentage of Readers Here Went to Ohio State...

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June 3, 2020 at 12:42pm

...and what percentage consists of non-alums who became football fans growing up in Ohio?

And then I guess I might be in the .001 % category: people who are neither alums nor grew up in Ohio but became an Ohio State football fan because a parent went to Ohio State.

I am curious in part because, in my home state of CT, UConn basketball.—the most successful college sport—is not that big a deal and, once you get far away from Storrs, there’s very little interest in general (and obviously CT is much smaller geographically than Ohio).

For those who didn’t go to Ohio State but became a diehard Buckeyes football fan as a kid even if a parent wasn’t an alum, I would love to hear how far away from Columbus your hometown is.  Thanks.


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