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Why Didn't Brax Explode in 2015?

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June 3, 2020 at 12:38pm

I rewatched the 2015 game vs Virginia Tech last night, and walked away more confused than ever how Braxton Miller didn't have a breakout year at WR (or in the wildcat for that matter). All signs pointed to him being a world beater that night - not just in his two breakout TDs, but several solid catches and runs. (Go back and check out that diving catch he had in the first quarter.) By the end of the game, Kirk and Fowler are practically giving him the Heisman. 

So for the rest of the season he catches just two more TDs, and that single game accounted for nearly 1/4 of his season's rushing and receiving yards. (And only throws one pass... SMH...) How the hell does that happen?

• Was that game a flash in the pan for him – a la 2016 Noah Brown vs Oklahoma?
• Did the staff not understand how to use him? (Even if everyone on their couch did.)
• Did the VT defense just not guard him enough and every subsequent team did?
• Is there an injury I'm not remembering that held him back? 

That 2015 season was disappointing for many reasons, but Brax's impact is high on that list for me.

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