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Why the Lack of Ryan Day Interviews in National Sports Media?

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June 2, 2020 at 12:24pm

I listen to Dan Patrick, Cowherd, Dog Gottlieb, and others regularly.  If they are not the ones interviewing the coaches themselves, they often will replay clips from other shows just to discuss things they have said.

Lincoln Riley, Harbaugh, Saban, Brian Kelly, David Shaw, Tom Herman etc are on pretty regularly.

It just struck me as odd that the with the not only the size OSU, but with the success, Ryan has had both in his first year coaching and recruiting.

Does this happen because OSU and or Ryan say no to interview requests or is this because these media outlets are not aksing? Is it on the schools to get their coaches on media platforms or are thee platforms the ones that do the reaching? Perhaps they believe he has not paid his dues yet? I'd be surprised if this were an OSU call because Urban was on these programs fairly routinely when he was still HC.

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