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Comment 11 hours ago

soooo a retarded thread about Rex Ryan being a clown has 120 comments, no issue, but the thread about the possibility of Urban coaching at USC gets deleted...and does after a mod was already involved?!?

What is this, fucking Reddit now?

Comment 19 hours ago

Id love it more than anything if he took down UM one more time.  They are acting as if they have already won that game.  I dont think MSU has the horsepower to do it, but I think if they are going to captain planet powers unite and pull some shit out of their ass it is going to be for that one.

Comment 10 Nov 2019

He is done...but they give the island of misfit toys a game...

Comment 10 Nov 2019

the Heisman has become a lame and meaningless award. It used to mean a it is a clown show.

Comment 10 Nov 2019

Plus...the recruiting piece will be huge.

I will say, Fields is 100% on Day, Urban had nothing to do with that, and Fields could have gone to pretty much any program, so to me that is a recruiting job in of itself, but we will see in the next 2-4 years if we continue to lock down top talent.

I believe we (they) will

Comment 10 Nov 2019

not to mention his health situation is actually a real thing lol, everyone seems to forget that...USC, ND, FSU, all these programs clamoring for him, and it is like, yeah I love the guy, but you dont even know what you are getting if you get many seasons, or how long before the health situation takes him off the sideline.

I will forever love him, and be thankful and grateful for what he did for OSU and for what he left us with, but I also and very thankful and grateful for who and what we have now, and do nothing I would change that if I could...

Comment 10 Nov 2019

What I meant was when the coaches have groomed/selected their replacement and then retired, they usually do so to not only set up their protege for success but to add to their legacy because they love the program they won at and want to see it continue to be successful after they are gone...see cited examples (Bellotti, Stoops)

it is when great coaches leave for better offers or perhaps the NFL and the university has to find a replacement...often that replacement will win initially because the great coach who is now gone has stocked the team with talent, but a year or two in we start to see that the most of the time the replacement is nowhere near the recruiter nor coach the original "great coach" was.

There are only so many great coaches, and replacements cannot always close that gap.

I think Day is a great coach, and despite whtat Urban chooses to do in the future... I am grateful and thanful that he selected Ryan to take his place...and that is why I do not think that the program will be bad in a year or two.

With all of that said, Urban was a recruiter like no other, some argue even better than Saban. I have no doubt that Day is an elite coach but I hope that him and his staff can keep stocking the talent as did his predecessor....I have no reason to doubt him at this time, and the program's success will somewhat "do the work for him" if that makes sense, but I just hope he has that same "living room cache" that urban had.

I mean we all saw urban with CY2's parents after the Wisconsin game, Jesus, it was like he was literal member fo their family, he had his arm around Chase's mom the entire 25-minute interview lol.

Comment 10 Nov 2019

Completely agree with you

whenever a coach has handpicked and groomed his replacement because of retirement it has been like this

Bellotti to Chip Kelly

Stoops to Riley

that is why I dont think there will be a drop a few seasons in like there usually is when a good coach leaves for a better job and the replacement "rides the tails" for the first year of success and then fails...ala Muschamp at Florida, Helfrich at Oregon...

Comment 10 Nov 2019

Forgot about the Petrino thing...they probably would have been a lot better in the last decade if it wasnt for that whol debacle

Comment 10 Nov 2019

What I mean is you have all the ingredients for what should be a pretty solid program... at least location and conference. I mean is the school not willing to pay the necessary money to get a good coach in there.

It seems on the surface like a team that should be able to be competitive in the SEC but perhaps they are not willing to pay the necessary price either in salary or facilities or etc.

Kind of like how Jimbo left FSU after winning a title for A&M because FSU's financials are a shitbird.

Comment 10 Nov 2019

LSU 1 (they deserve it, clearly)

OSU 2 (gets the #1 off our back)

doesn't matter but id say 

Clemson 3

4 dont know maybe Oregon

I cannot fathom how Georgia is anywhere near the top 4...their loss to SC is way worse than PSU loss to Minnesota. PSU should still be ahead of Georgia. Plus their win over ND is worth way less because ND kind of fucking sucks so dismiss that....and ho good even is Florida?

Comment 10 Nov 2019

Dude, 2015, rip my heart out...

It isn't that we just lost, it was that we lost to a shitbird  MSU team with a backup QB at home...WTF.

Was it more disappointing that the MSU loss in 2013 though? IDK?

It was like an Urban thing...I love the guy, but besides his first season in 12, every single year we lost a game to a team we should have easily beat...I dont know how or why...

Comment 10 Nov 2019

you are right, and I was wrong for my initial take...I did not realize that by losing, outside of some hell freeze over the situation they are basically out now...

Comment 10 Nov 2019

I am surprised that this program cannot get a decent coach in there and be competitive in the it a money issue?

Comment 09 Nov 2019

Bama was stupid for rushing Tua you've lost and delayed the return if your QB.

Comment 09 Nov 2019

2nd string the entire 3rd quarter, 3rd string the entire 4th and still dominated...surprising.

With that said, part of me feels bad for the innocent Maryland players, I mean I do empathize with them, but for anyone that had anything to do with the CY2 situation..fuck you...feast on that fucking game fucks lol.