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What Could Stop OSU This Season

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May 15, 2020 at 10:27am

This is from Bill Green's latest email he sends out...

WHAT COULD STOP OSU THIS SEASON? Pass protection has to be better and that will fall on Stud and the O-line. I know Fields held the ball too long. I know Dobbins was awful in pass pro. It got to the point where they would send Dobbins out in passing situations with the hope he would take a blitzer with him because he was not going to block anyone. But the O-line was not good enough in pass pro last year. They allowed 35 sacks and that was No. 108 in America out of 130 teams. It's worse than it looks because they hardly ever trailed at all last season and the sacks usually pile up when you are forced to throw to catch up. If you look at the sack rates on passing downs only, the numbers are still really bad at 12.3%. Alabama's sack rate was 2.4. Georgia was 5.2. LSU was 6.6. Clemson was 6.9. Fields will be better with the year of experience. Anyone but Dobbins will be better. And the O-line simply has to be more than just dominant run blockers which they were last season. Fix the pass pro and this team will be able to put the 35-40 needed to beat the best in a championship game.

Spot on. We still need improvement from Stud.

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