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Comment 12 Feb 2020

Grimes is reportedly taking a 4 day unofficial this spring. JK Johnson is on commitment watch. Hancock is very interested and so is Turrentine. It's going to be interesting.

Comment 11 Feb 2020

Wow, didn't see that coming. If that's the case I think we would only take one TE this class. My guess of Pugh as the mystery in-state recruit AE mentioned doesn't look too good now.

Comment 10 Feb 2020

If Fields leaves after this season, which seems like a lock, where are we going to get a 4th for the QB room? We will have Miller, Stroud and McCord. Do we take a transfer or try and get another QB in the 2021 class? I would expect we go for a transfer.

Comment 09 Feb 2020
I could see it being Young. For some reason I was thinking Kiner was from Akron in my reply to your earlier post. Way off.
Comment 05 Feb 2020

There is someone who down votes every one of these threads and probably every Spooner post. That person should be given a time out. Yes Spooner can be a dick sometimes but he is doing good work for this community and doesn't deserve that treatment. 

Funny, I don't care when I get down votes but it pisses me off when others get them unfairly.