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PFF Releases Full Way Too Early Top 25, 1v4 in Eugene

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January 24, 2020 at 10:57pm

Pro Football Focus certainly has much more credibility than most media brands. Their top 25 will have more research than others. My biggest takeaway is there is real disrespect for the B1G and SEC. I think it is clear those are the two best conferences. I think the pecking order for each conference in the rankings is close to correct but ACC and Pac-12 teams get way too much respect. Here is the ranking

  1. OSU-Most have Clemson at #1. PFF loves Fields, and with the Oline and receivers being elite next year they expect the offense to take a big step forward. They talked about how big of a loss Young/Okudah are and how they aren't really replaceable but OSU is well equipped. Offense big step forward, defense small step back. 
  2. Clemson-Lowest anybody will have Clemson ranked. PFF is more concerned with Lawrence since he is losing Higgins and 4 offensive lineman. Lawrence didn't dominate in the regular season and struggled against OSU/LSU throwing the ball. If not for some luck against OSU he would have had a long offseason of questions about his sophomore campaign. 
  3. Georgia-I know most people here hate Georgia but I agree they should be the SEC favorite. They return the most high quality players in the conference and Newman should be the best QB in the SEC.
  4. Oregon-This is very high for Oregon. They expect the secondary to be elite. Penei Sewell is the best player ever graded by PFF and Kayvon Thibeduex could be the best defensive player in the country next year. They are rounded out by a solid group of offensive skill players. Big concerns are 4 offensive lineman leaving along with Justin Herbert. The expected starter is Tyler Shough who was the #7 Pro style QB. We are very happy Newman did not go to Oregon.
  5. Bama-pretty low for Bama but they have question at QB and elite players leaving. Still they are Bama and even if Mac Jones isn't great not many teams can beat them. Bama plays Georgia in the regular season. Personally I would doubt Oregon could beat Bama on neutral field. 
  6. LSU-pretty lazy in my opinion to have them here. PFF goes through all the loses and still ranks them 6th. No logic was given why they are here and I doubt they will be a top 10 team. 
  7. Oklahoma-pretty standard spot for Oklahoma. Rattler should be great at QB and the receivers are crazy good. But the defense loses the only high talent players in Gallimore and Murray. Oklahoma has a lot to do to regain respect. But who in the Big-12 can beat them?
  8. Washington-Very high ranking for Washington who loses basically the entire offense. Reasoning is the defense and mainly the secondary should be very good. Michigan is @Washington
  9. Notre Dame-Expect another very Notre Dame year. Likely 10-2ish losing to the elite teams they play. They note Ian Book really struggled against P5 teams and that is a concern going into next year. Notre Dame Wisconsin at Lambeau and Clemson at home in November. 
  10. Wisconsin-This is slightly higher than most for Wisconsin. PFF says the 4 best players are gone(JT,Zack baun,Chris Orr, Cephus) but just about everybody else is back including Coan at QB. 
  11. Minnesota-Almost the entire offense is back after a great season. Tanner Morgan was incredible and Bateman is one of the best receivers in the country. Beating Auburn proved how good they were. Huge losses on defense will show how well Fleck has recruited
  12. Texas-PFF says Ehlinger is why they are so high. They had injury problems but I'm not sure it should have caused them to go 7-5. Herman replaced both coordinators and is feeling the heat. An early road game at a rebuilding LSU could really be a turning point in Herman's Texas career one way or the other.
  13. Iowa State-PFF loves QB Brock Purdy and a big chunk of the team returns. This could be Campbells big season.
  14. North Carolina-This is interesting and much high than most have NC. Sam Howell had a great freshman year and the offensive skill players are high level. My only problem is NC wasn't good and plays in the ACC. I think Michigan and PSU would beat this team by 14+
  15. Virginia Tech-Very high for VT but they are a sneaky team coming into next season. Almost 20 starters back in a very easy ACC could lead to 10 wins. 
  16. PSU-This shocked me. I have no idea how PSU is this low, PSU fans are barking about how good they will be this year and have been calling their shot at winning the B1G. I think the confidence is reasonable because they have so much back. PFF thinks the offense will struggle because Clifford isn't great and Hamler is gone. While I understand the offense may be limited they still have 10 starters back along with the best RB group in the country. They have Micah Parsons back and the defense loses a few players but PSU recruits and develops much better than many teams ahead of them on this list. Poor ranking imo, stacking up PSU and Oregon position by position PSU may be better than Oregon and if not it is close.
  17. Michigan-Great analysis here. Michigan has abunch of good players. Thats it. Not really anything elite and may not have a first rounder start next year. Dependable 8-9 win team but not really any reason for overwhelming optimism. 
  18. Lousiville-Lot of hype for the cards, fade em. 
  19. Florida-Super low ranking for what others have as a playoff dark horse. PFF says Trask isn't as good as he is made out to be and Florida loses their top 3 players. I tend to agree here they shouldn't be considered that high of a team but I disagree with how low this ranking is. Washington is #8 and not many people would pick Washington to beat Florida.
  20. Auburn-PFF had Bo NIx as the #108 best QB and contributed negative points to Auburn. Auburn has a higher number of starters back but the top NFL talent is gone. Again though, this team is probably better than a few ahead of it. 
  21. App State
  22. Memphis
  23. Cincy-Most have Cincy as the G5 favorite but not the case here
  24. Oklahoma State-hype train is loading up now
  25. Boise State


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