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Kerry Coombs - King of the Hashtag

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January 23, 2020 at 8:54am

(Putting this under OSU football, but it may not be the best spot for it ...)

I'm really glad Kerry Coombs is back coaching the Bucks. It's not just the defensive chops he has and how he's able to coach DB's. It's his energy and enthusiasm - he makes people want to run through walls.

But, it also his twitter game. The man is the absolute undisputed King of the Hashtag. Don't believe me? Check out his twitter profile. The man writes whole sentences as hashtags!

Here's a few of his recent beauties:

  • #thereisnoadequatewaytoexpressmygratitudetoBuckeyeNation
  • #recruitingislikeridingabike
  • #onlywouldhavebeenbetteriftheBearcouldhavebeenthere!
  • #betterpeoplethantheyareplayersandthatssayingsomething
  • #lovecomingbacktothequeencityevenifitsonlyforacoupleofhours
  • #runfastandhithardfortheteamthatrunsthefastestandhitsthehardestalwayswins
  • #fearlesslybeyourselfbecausewhoyouareisgoodenough

Looking forward to more of his twitter hashtag gems. (And hype videos too!)

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