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Netflix Aaron Hernandez Show

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January 17, 2020 at 9:38pm

What did you guys think of this show? I found the contrasting perspectives on football between Chris Borland and Mike Massey very interesting. The exploitative blood sport versus the uplifting community center. I don't know if I have to tie this to the Buckeyes but this is a Buckeyes forum, so I'll say I thought Urban Meyer came out looking better than I expected in this show. There was some opining about letting players get away with too much in the name of winning, but Shelley was portrayed as very emotionally invested, loving, and shocked, and Urban was portrayed as non-maliciously having a blind spot. Almost as positive of a narrative as they could make there, especially factoring in the part about trying to stop Aaron from going back to the bad crowd. I was honestly worried they'd go with the McMurphy angle on the whole deal because of *the drama* . ( I don't know if McMurphy even reported on Urban in that regard but I think you all know what I mean.)

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