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Comment 06 Oct 2019

It's good to remember it's not like playing NCAA 14, where all you have to do is go and update your depth chart based on OVR ratings, and boom you're done. Practice reps, leadership, mental errors, body language, team chemistry - all these things do matter and aren't as easy to see for us.

Comment 18 Sep 2019
Slobs and silver bullets are back, JK and MT3 are running with violence and ferocity (last game reminded me of Maurice Clarett), QB1 isn't making any real mistakes, and receivers are the opposite of the "clown show". Buckeye fans, what more could we want?
Comment 16 Sep 2019

I was thinking Thayer Munford because the line has been opening up great running lanes this year compared to last, but Josh Myers probably deserves at least as much credit for that.

As far as the MVP - wholeheartedly agree. There was one series against Indiana where they were moving the ball, getting first downs. Then Chase Young came back from the sideline and the Hoosier offense got completely off schedule. He's so disruptive it changes the game. No one else on the team has THAT much of an effect.

Comment 07 Sep 2019
Aside from a couple scary injuries, this game has surpassed all my hopes. 140 yds for Dobbins at HALFTIME. No mistakes from Fields except one sack, and he had some great throws and tough runs. And a couple penalties but no real facepalmers! Though Arnette really tied the line jawing at a WR once... It's all pretty great. Keep it up Buckeyes!
Comment 28 Aug 2019

I love this one! Man I've missed these.

I love to have these as my desktop backgrounds before the game, but it takes some rigamarole to get them to jpg format from PDF. I know you can right click the image here and save that, but it seems to be lower quality than converting the PDF. Any chance we can get a download link to high quality JPG/PNG of the image?

Comment 28 Aug 2019

Fow as in Row or Tow or Bow or Cow or How or Show or Stow or Crow or Slow or Row (British) or DOW or Grow or Low or

what am i doing at work

Comment 14 Aug 2019

He seemed to me to be the fastest linebacker on the field, and made some great plays in coverage. He was out of position on a few big plays, but so did the rest of the linebackers. The only reservation I have with Werner is he seems to me to be more like a safety playing linebacker, but if he bulks up and takes to coaching that could be an asset in today's game.