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How Will the Transfer Portal Impact Teams Long Term?

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January 6, 2020 at 8:09am

With the recruiting cycle in full swing, we're focused on how many 4 & 5 stars did we get and how our class compares to other top schools. Teams try to stock up on top recruits to hav a firm base for long term success. All of them, however, will not crack the lineup and face sitting a few years before they get their shot.

Now, the transfer portal gives players a chance to revisit their college choice and see what options they have elsewhere.  With top recruits in front and behind him, he may decide he has a better shot at starting elsewhere and not have to be a 4 year backup.  The 3 QB's successes must make transferring look like a good idea and a way to showcase their talents. 

If the NCAA keeps making it easy to get a waiver and not sit out a year when transferring the option becomes more interesting, IMHO. A school recruiting a transfer is likely looking for a starter and not a backup; so a player has the chance to step into a starting role from day 1 or so.  Of course, that means a player at the school just became a backup and may look to transfer as well.

I think, as players see transfers doing well and getting drafted highly there will be more players testing the waters by entering the portal. Of course, if more enter fewer will land in choice spots; and some may even wind up not getting a desirable offer; leaving them essentially without a team and scholarship.

The challenge as I see it is to get players to buy into the entire college experience and long term advantages of sticking around so it becomes a different calculus. A significant issue to so doing is the player's desire to get to the NFL; and wanting to showcase their talents to have the best shot at getting drafted.

A coach could also burn a kid's redshirt if he thinks he plans to transfer. A bad move but it's business.


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