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Everything That Makes Me Mad About This Playoff!

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December 29, 2019 at 10:11am

1. The selection committee giving LSU a bye week after Ohio State beat 3 top 15 teams in a row and had a way better margin of victory, why was LSU forgiven for so many shitty performances?

2. When are they going to quit playing games on that garbage field that failed tray experiment, I feel like it really hurt them in 2006 with Troy Smith slipping and falling everywhere?

3. That fumble overturn is insane, never seen a call like that, I bet ESPN never talks about it like they do the Miami game.  WTF is a football move if it isn't running 4 steps.

4. That targeting rule is way too impactful, they really need to change it, you can't have 1 penalty just completely alter a game like that over something that is just about out of the players control. If Lawerence doesn't duck to protect himself at the last second then it probably never would have been called. To make that call from the booth after the fact is just insane, this booth guy really loved to throw himself into the spotlight.

5. I am sick of coaches kicking field goals from the 5 or closer, just go for it from there honestly 3 points isn't even more valuable than the field position barring certain situations obviously like going up 2 scores late in a game.  A touchdown is worth more than 2 field goals.

6. Honestly that last play doesn't make sense they should have ran more plays like they did earlier in the drive there was too much time left to go for the endzone.

7. ESPN got their dream wish LSU vs Clemson like they wanted the whole time, committee set it up perfectly with that bullshit move putting LSU 1.

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