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How Many of You Typically Travel to Bowl Games? And, if You Do, Are You Season Ticket-holders in the Shoe?

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December 10, 2019 at 6:42pm

I’m just curious as to what the profile is of the audience at Bowl games—especially CFP ones.  

I was wondering whether the Buckeye crowd is primarily composed of the season ticket-holders from Ohio or whether there are a decent number of people who live in the region of the Bowl game or live elsewhere—far from Columbus—and turn the Bowl game into a warm-weather, mini-vacation, once-a-year opportunity to see the Buckeyes play in person.

I finally saw my first Rose Bowl last year—which was a phenomenal experience by the way—but I didn’t have to travel far; I was coming from Orange County.  The fan sitting on my left—an alum in his 30s—made the trip in from Phoenix.  The three-generation family in front of me lived in SoCal.

Going to a Bowl can obviously be very expensive; my ticket this past January was $215—but it was worth every penny.  (Of course, Ohio State won and I might have felt somewhat differently if Washington had pulled off a miraculous comeback.)

So, who here is going this year and/or has gone in the past?  Are you season ticket-holders?  And what was your most memorable Bowl experience (good or bad)?

PS—even with all the TV commercials, I still say there’s nothing like being at the game in person.


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