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I Wanted to Give Clemson Fans the Benefit of the Doubt...

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December 10, 2019 at 3:59pm

...but I glanced through some threads on TigerNet regarding the upcoming matchup and was stunned to see that--seemingly without exception--every single fan on that site believes that Ohio State doesn't even have a chance against Clemson. 

You'd think even an undefeated defending champion like Clemson would be just a little bit wary of their first top 10 game all season, and their first game against a team with comparable talent to them, but no, they seem to think this will be only a modicum more difficult than their game with Virginia. 

There's a point where arrogance stops being justified regardless of what you've accomplished and becomes hubris. This is General Custer leaving behind the Gatling guns before his fight with Sitting Bull level hubris, this is the German army not bringing winter blankets, extra fuel, and snow-tires for an invasion of the Soviet Union hubris; we can only hope that the Clemson players and coaching staff are also this complacent. 

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