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The Bucks Will Beat Clemson (and This Time I'm Being Honest)

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December 10, 2019 at 3:44pm

If it can be said that the Bucks & Tigers have each played "up" to their respective competition throughout 2019, then I believe the Bucks have an advantage & will win a hard fought 4 quarter contest. I also believe it will be a tight game up to and until the 4th quarter before a tiring Tiger defense begrudgingly relents allowing the Bucks to triumph by at least 2 scores.

In my opinion, the level of play of the teams in each respective conference illustrates a stark contrast between the two, while demonstrating a significantly higher level of performance/execution of the teams collectively in the Big Ten versus what is readily apparent coming from the ACC this year.

In addition, Clemson's defensive front, while speedy, does lack some bulk this year as well as experienced back-ups. As a unit, they could be at or near exhaustion when entering the 4th quarter against OSU's massive offensive front. Bent but not broken, they may be resigned to playing matador defenses by then, giving the Bucks easier opportunities in their run game while also making play action gamuts more effective and productive.

Notable defensive weights on Clemson's defense:

Xavier Thomas (268)
Nyles Pinckney (290)
Jordan Williams (303)
KJ Henry (251)
Isaiah Simmons (231) (LB)

These are very good, highly skilled players, some even exceptional, who have been well developed & coached-up to succeed in various schemes of which they're by now familiar. Yet, having said that, I believe the Bucks are just as talented, as skilled, coached-up and have played a much more challenging, battle-tested schedule.

The gauntlet this Bucks squad has traveled this year will ultimately pay dividends against a team like Clemson who have yet to experience, at least this year, any slug-fest of renown and have NOT been punched around to the degree a motivated, #2 seed Bucks team should be able to deliver to them and with extreme prejudice.

Bucks 41

Tigers 27

So it is written...

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