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Tried in abstentia, found guilty, exiled from Italy- Was in Prague '68, (my error) not long after the Bolsheviks don't want to know....


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Viewing a lit Riverfront stadium from Christ Hospital where my mom lay dying during the '75 Series
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Comment 26 Feb 2020

Check out my boy Igor...rocking OSU gear in there any place left in this world where we've yet to plant our colors?

Comment 01 Feb 2020

Excellent comment my friend & I concur completely...

I refuse to read these click-bait type articles that are designed solely to stir up shit. it's so blatantly obvious and produced purely for the revenue. Yahoo News, etal is but one example...

Comment 20 Jan 2020

Fashionably late to the party no particular order:

"Raising Arizona"


"Get Shorty"

"As Good As It Gets"

"Cider House Rules"

"Midnight Cowboy"

"Life with Father"

"My Man Godfrey"

"It's a Wonderful Life"

"The Best Years of Our Lives"

Comment 04 Jan 2020

I wonder if this decision will have an impact on whether Martinez, who's projected at CB, decides to commit or not?

My suspicion is that Martinez has been waiting to hear who the Bucks hire to replace Haftley prior to going all-in. Although the prospect of now getting an op to be mentored/play with Wade may very well have him leaning towards the good guys regardless of who they hire.


Comment 01 Jan 2020

I'm gonna grow a mullet & watch Bama kick the living shit out of some skunks today.

Then I'll shed the mullet just in time to watch future Bengal Buckeye (Joe) Burrow claw, to a slow agonizing death, those scum sucking, illiterate, cheatin' vermin from that south eastern, mosquito infestation of a swamp, which largely comprises most of what is euphemistically referred to as Palmetto lands.

God, I so hate the zebras I despise...especially the blind ones.

The lessor of two teams moves on by diktat only to discover, with chagrin, the meaning of the "Peter Priniciple".

It is written....

Comment 27 Dec 2019

Yes, K'von, Columbus is not a cow town (anymore) boo-hoo. The widdle town in central OH gwew up & became a haven of evil-doers who don't care for anyone anymore.


You're concerns for getting lost or of being persuaded/tempted to veer from the righteous path in this "big" city are worthy of a "collective" progressive who does not, nor will ever understand the power of the individual as well as the importance, the magnitude of learning to become a self-reliant person, able to fend for himself and that which trains you to adapt to all environs; not like the "it takes a village" collective communism mentality of Clemson where you find succor and fear living without. 

Glad you found a "home" son.

Boy, did we ever dodge one here...

Go Bucks!

Beat Clemson Commies!

Comment 24 Dec 2019

Don't discount his chances of making it in the NFL. With the new emphasis on RPOs, and the NFL being traditionally copycats, teams are salivating over Jackson & the Ravens success and many are sure to follow their blueprint.

JT may not have a cannon for an arm but it's more than adequate to run an RPO and he's tough.

He just needs a legit opportunity to demonstrate that he can move the chains...

Comment 24 Dec 2019

It could really be a game changer if somehow, someway, the Bucks go up by 2 scores or more, say at least 10 points, that conceivably puts Clemson in place they've yet to experience & in more of a passing, less of a running game frame of mind thereby going against normal tendencies ergo unleashing our hounds of hell...

aka: the "Rushmen"...