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Comment 27 Jun 2019

I'll be surprised if the Bearcats do indeed beat the Bucks come September but I'll not be shocked if they pull this one out. There's just too much talent on this team that seems confident from recent successes. They'll likely be playing very loose with an added chip on their collective shoulders.  Playing with an attitude, instilled by respectable coaches, these kids will be coming north seeking to right what they probably perceive as wrongs that have been inflicted upon them low these many, many years. Coach Fick will make sure to have them ready.

I like the Bucks chances at making the playoffs despite an early season loss to Cincinnati should it occur.

A 14-1 record for this team in 2019, with victories over Bitchagain, Satan, Dabo etal, while also celebrating their second championship in the last five years, just feels so right. This very possible scenario would suit me, and I'm guessing the rest of Buckeye nation, just fine.

So it is written...

Comment 06 May 2019

It's a damn shame Gabe or anyone else subjects themselves to these antiquated procedures such as surgery, chemo, radiation, etc., when there ARE cures for all cancers available despite the stage it may be in. Of course, these cures are being suppressed because the cancer industry simply cannot afford a cure to become known on a massive scale. Pity...

This is but one remedy:

Comment 01 May 2019

Yes, JM would be a great addition to the team. There would have to be mutual interest of course.

TBH, I'm not convinced that the Bengals are cognizant of or even recognize his unique talent. Case in point, were you aware that they had the option of taking NC St WR Kelvin Harmon in this year's draft with three 6th rounds picks while using two of them on RBs. Granted, both backs are pretty good players albeit one has been beset with the injury bug. Yet, it does fill an area of need.

Harmon is an absolute stud though, catching passes this year from another Bengals selection Ryan Finley, who also looks to be a great pick in the 4th round. I've watched a few of their games this year and they seem to have that "chemistry" which sports pundits blabber on about.

Anyway, let's hope that JM finds a new NFL home. Who knows, maybe the Bengals wise up, take notice as training camp nears. It's still months away and everything in the NFL is always in flux to be sure.

Comment 01 May 2019

Arguably, the Redskins got the proverbial steal of the draft, if such declarations are to be made in the first place. And no, I'm not referring to DH. The theft occurred in the 6th round with the selection of Kelvin Harmon, a WR out of NC St.

I caught some game action with him and his college QB, the Bengal's 4th round pick in this year's draft Ryan Finley, making some great catches while playing against Syracuse recently. This kid is a stud and seems to leave it all on the field. While I can't speak to any character issues he may have, athletically he seems capable of performing at a very high level.

The Bengals passed on Harmon in the 6th round THREE times, electing instead to take 2 RBs & an LB (Davis) out of Auburn. The selections satisfied team needs so I suppose I shouldn't be too perturbed. They also picked up Harmon's team mate, LB Germaine Pratt, in the 4th round. So, it's all good, at least for now... ;)

But damn, I think this Harmon kid is going to be really special.

Comment 22 Apr 2019





Tho we face another death march of a season, fear not fellow river denizens, the sun will rise again, as it always does, over the Ohio valley.

Mikey boy's reign of horror is setting...

Comment 13 Apr 2019

A damn fine coach & as a player he was respected by his peers. His devotion to the game as well as the energy he projected both inspired and motivated all who bore witness.

The Bengals have sorely missed your leadership qualities.

RIP Coach & regards to your mentor Vince...

Comment 13 Mar 2019

me 2...yet it doesn't change effect this trade will have on ttun..obj is all rep, a media manufactured side show who made his bones with a single one-handed catch...

he's a failing, falling star that disappears in the ether without the lap dog ny press...

he's just someone we used to know....buh bye...

and that is all...

Comment 12 Mar 2019

I challenge anyone reading this who has interest or the time and yet still doubts that this earth is a flat plain, to conduct their own personal research to determine for themselves whether we actually inhabit a heliocentric universe. And I don't mean to just go watch a few biased, pro or con, videos online but actually perform a few experiments to see if you're able to invalidate the claims of a flat earth model being made.

For most, it's easy to say what you "believe" based on some "authority" you've encountered growing up and certainly more comfortable in just accepting the prevalent conventional wisdom in the notion that the "science is settled" argument or simply dismiss those who call into question the orthodox view. Some would prefer slinging ad hominems rather than doing the much more difficult work of digging down for empirical evidence where some hard truths may reside and be rewarded with "knowledge".

I'll give you fair warning however, that if you do the research, prepare to have your view on all things turned completely upside down.

That's the last thing I'll have to say on the subject....happy hunting.

#Go Bucks

Comment 11 Mar 2019

I should have been more clear when referring to inflation as the "mother of all taxes" by also mentioning that it is also a hidden tax. This allows our politicians to escape their responsibilities of containing costs and to freely exceeding budget which is why, as a nation, we are upside down.

We can't possibly grow ourselves out of this economic malaise and the only way to maintain the status quo is to turn on the printing presses (QE) which only further debases our already devalued fiat dollar. The debasement is where the tax is hidden from public scrutiny.

The dollar has lost about 97% of it's purchasing power since the establishment of the Federal Reserve which, btw, is not a government agency. In fact, the government has absolutely no oversight of the Fed., none at all. Curiously, the IRS was also established in the same year to collect the income tax that was to be used to pay back the loans they made to our government, at interest, to the same private owners of the Fed. It continues to this day.

I recommend "The Creature from Jeckyl Island" by G. Edward Griffin for further enlightenment on this subject. It changed my world view, it may change yours.