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I Spoke Recently with a Former Clemson Player About Dabo

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December 10, 2019 at 11:35am

The former player is a friend of a friend and he played before Clemson’s rise to the very top.  He was not a star; just the opposite: he didn’t even play in anywhere near all the games.

And he had only really positive things to say about Dabo including the fact that Dabo is apparently well liked by the players—both stars and non-stars.

This former player still stays in touch with Dabo via occasional text messages.

The former player was a scholarship player recruited by major schools and the fact that he didn’t earn more playing time did not cause him to harbor any negative feelings of any kind about Dabo.

It was very telling—at least to me—that  Dabo was able to generate such positive feelings from one of the second-tier or third-tier players on the squad.  

I always wondered how a head football coach could really relate to so many guys—given the huge numbers on a football squad.  I figured that the real relationships are with your position coaches. But Dabo is apparently successful in that regard.


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