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Keys To Beating Clemson

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December 9, 2019 at 12:50pm

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere or at length, but didn't want to dig through everything to find out. I'm curious what those who watch football a bit more closely from a coaching/scheme standpoint then I do can tell me. What are the weaknesses we should be exploiting against Clemson? Here is what I think...

-Healthy Fields will be a huge key (stating the obvious) but Perkins seemed to be able to run where he wanted and Fields is obviously better.

-Small Clemson DL that our interior OL should be able to punish

-Attack Tanner Muse, he is an un athletic (relative to the rest of the team) safety that was abused repeatedly by UVA's slot receivers

Let me know what I missed or what I'm wrong about

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