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Why Didn’t the Committee Consider Facts?

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December 9, 2019 at 6:14am

There was a graphic during the Wiscy game that showed some key data points as to who should be number 1 between OSU and LSU. Joel Klatt made the case for OSU when he laid out the following:

Wins vs ranked foes: OSU 5, LSU 4

Margin of Victory in those wins: OSU 25, LSU 12

Winning percentage of all opponents: OSU .584, LSU .572. 

What numbers were the committee looking at and why did they NOT factor in the data above? Other major points that couldn’t have been considered include:

1) OSU played the game with injuries at QB and Secondary

2) OSU had the hardest three game stretch to end the season of any team and they were already number one after game one of that stretch 

3) 9 games versus conference foes compared to 8 for LSU with their chicken shit Saturday on the schedule

4) That OSU defeated 4 teams who played for a conference title with two of them winning the crown

5) That OSU has been the most balanced offensively and defensively all year

6) That the criteria used during all their other decisions to make OSU number one were seemingly thrown out after this last game

7) That despite reiterating this not being a beauty contest, the committee made their final call watching LSU in a beauty contest, this after OSU won the game by double digits. 

I know we’re ready to move on and focus on what we were dealt, but what has been stated here is a glaring weakness in whatever the Committee was considering, and I’ve not heard one good explanation for how they had the audacity to make that switch. Go Bucks! Boot D-bag Swinney in his ass! And a middle finger to the Committee when their number 1 seed goes down!

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