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LSU Fans Want Ohio St in the National Title Game...they Won't Get Their Wish

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December 4, 2019 at 6:12pm

Not that Ohio St is going to lose. No instead we will be playing Utah in Atlanta as the 1 seed

No LSU will not beat Clemson, because Clemson has a really really good defense, actually it's almost on par with their defense last year.

Heck if Georgia beats LSU (which can happen cause Georgia has a great defense) LSU will be the 4 seed in which case we're going to go to Glendale as our fans travel far more then LSU and their beating will then happen.

BTW if this happens, you're welcome Georgia now take your home game beating from Clemson.

See LSU fans are afraid of Clemson, well some. Go over to tiger droppings and read some of the threads.

Yes yes I know I know Beat Wisconsin blah blah blah, we as fans can look ahead and play all the different scenarios.

See I don't care if they put us at 2, we can just kick Clemson's ass in Glendale instead of the beating they would get in Nola.

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