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December 3, 2019 at 6:03pm

This is what we have become? We hired Jim to close the gap with O$U and win championships. We are five years in and the gap is wider than the day he took over. The response from a large swath of our fans / alumni is “they cheat” and “Jim has done a good job, and we are on the way up. What the absolute F**k is that nonsense? That rosy cheeked, Eddie Munster looking bastard, Ryan Day, pranced his ass into our stadium. He walked straight up to Jim, smacked his goofy ass diabetes glasses off his face. Threw him to the ground, dropped his drawers, and deposited a giant fudge dragon onto his face! Jim was helpless to defend himself. He mumbled some dumb shit about how he’ll drink more milk, eat more steak, and get him back next year. This man makes 7.5 MM per freaking year, and let’s a dude who was homeless three years ago take a shit on him. WTF is that. How do we accept this? I’m so sick and tired of watching O$U treat a once proud Michigan man like a $10 hooker. Plus, to add insult to injury, we have to deal with Matty whipping out his old wrinkled balls and dragging them across Jim’s face. This must stop!

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