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Comment 29 Jul 2020
The loudest I've been too... 95 Illinois. Especially when the Heisman chat started. 2011 Wisky when Devin caught the game winner. 2018 Michigan.. the entire game!!
Comment 10 Jul 2020
Its already been done. Bout 10 yrs ago when I lived in Madison WI. My buddy (USC fan his wife a Badger) was grilling out. We sat there with a few captncokes. He started bitchin bout mowing the lawn. I set the wheels down a notch and pulled up la regimont... he ended up with a big block O in his back yard. He thought it was funny. Wife not so much
Comment 10 Jun 2020
Eventhough Jamie Morris played up there.. he was a back to fear. Dude just kept churning out yards. I sat there thinking "What's going to break this guy?" I was also a big Giants fan so watching Joe Morris was a ton of fun. CS was a one mN wreaking crew that day. I learned so much about the linebacker postion just watching him.
Comment 29 May 2020
Wilhelm played like an aminal!! That Buckeye defense had ice in it's veins. They were like a bunch of rabid dogs. I loved it! I watched that game with a migraine. I heard a story about Winslow at the combine that year. Hen went to get in an elevator and as the doors opened he shouted "I'm Kellen Winslow of the Hurricanes." He didn't realize Alex Stepanovich was in said elevator. Steps reply was "I'm Alex Stepanovich, National champ."
Comment 22 Apr 2020
Man, I was there for the Illinois game. I was up in C Deck Home side. I think the Heisman chat Started around us and got louder and louder and louder. It got so loud in there you could feel your insides vibrate. Then, all of the sudden I see Eddie get up on the players bleacher slinging his towel around. That was my 2nd favorite game day atmosphere.
Comment 17 Apr 2020
BB, your 2018 walk to Saint John's for The "M" game I yelled out to you to go get your 6 points back from Indiana. I just wanted you to know how great of a day that was for my family. It was my Mom's final "M" game and we appreciate all that you and your team did that day. It was Glorious. Thank you. You're amazing!
Comment 27 Dec 2019
Wear my black hoodie, lucky tee shirt and of course my black block O hat. One last thing I never predict the score of a buckeye game.. just bad ju ju for me.
Comment 24 Dec 2019
My biggest concern.. our takles. Hasn't Mumford been a little banged up. Just need the to hold up for 3-4 seconds. Keep feilds clean and we are good My other big worry.. turnovers. We have been coughing it up a little to much I feel pretty good about our run game. If we get Dobbins going maybe we can suck the Backers in with a little play action.
Comment 20 Dec 2019
Fat oaf needs to be used more.
Comment 15 Dec 2019
Wifi was good. I noticed the DJ once. Kinda hard to pick him out from where we were. The restrooms were just as expected. In fact, I think it was MSU.. got up to hit the head at half.. no friggin line!! The soda refills are great esp for the warmer games. Kept refilling with water.