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The Losing Effect: That Team /// The Game 2019 Edition

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December 1, 2019 at 5:45pm
Surrender Harbaugh
Harbaugh's Losses By Year
2015 3
2016 3
2017 5
2018 3
2019 3

Another year and another loss for our rival in The Game. Ohio State has won 15 of the last 16 in the series and it never gets old.

The 2019 regular season ended like the last eight, with That Team losing. What a fitting end for The One Who Wears Khakis and his delusional fans. As many of you watched, Harbaugh took umbrage when a reporter asked him about the talent gap between the two programs. Captain Khaki retorted, "I'll answer the questions, not your insults." Not sure that the reporter's question was an insult, but sometimes hearing the truth hurts.

Khaki boy joins Bump Elliott as the only other coach of That Team to start his tenure with at least three losses in five straight seasons. How far has the program fallen? The Wolverines have lost at least three games in seven consecutive seasons. The only other time the team did this was between 1957-63.

Harbaugh's Record in Big Games
TOP 10 TEAMS 2–13
Harbaugh, Their Hero

Remember when mgoblog celebrated the hiring of Jimmy Boy with "It's Happening"? Well, this is what has happened, The One Who Wears Khakis is 1–9 against Ohio State and his bowl opponent. The lone win was in his first season against Florida in the prestigious Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. Since that great victory, the Wolverines have gone 0–9 when playing in The Game or in a bowl game. They have also been defeated by an average score of 36-26 in those contests.

The One Who Wears Khakis has a losing record against ranked opponents, is 2–13 against Top 10 teams and has accumulated 17 losses in five seasons. To put that in perspective, Urban Meyer had 9 losses as Ohio State's head coach over seven seasons.

So, let's find out how the fans of That Team responded to their beloved squad losing another Game on national television.


It was hazardous, but well worth the venture on mgoblog.com to read through the comments in the game recap on mgoblog. Now you don't have to read all 275 comments. 

As always, the words are theirs. It was difficult, but spelling and grammatical errors were not corrected. 

Note: This used to be written as a reminder on how not to respond when your favorite team loses or struggles. Today? Let's just revel in their misery.



There is no amount of coaching that can overcome the massive talent gap.  Ohio State has NFL talent at every position.

We won't win against them until we recruit like them.


As someone who refuses to watch Ohio State play against anyone other than UM, the talent disparity on the two rosters was alarming... and UM recruits at a Top 10-ish level.  I don't know how you "fix" that.


The talent disparity is vast - and it will widen...Name one position with more talent at UM?


Truth is OSU has so much depth with talent. Just depth is no good. They got talent and depth. So players with names we don't know make plays. 


You can change coaches, and schemes, increase level of effort, level of wanting it badly enough, and level of preparation all you want. We’ll never be able to close the talent gap (4 and 5 stars stacked like rows of sharks teeth) until OSU stops caring...

At this point, redo the divisions and do not make the game a protected crossover - because it has become a pointless spoiled end to otherwise good outcomes. It is hard to enjoy Michigan Football anymore.


There is clearly a talent gap but where the real gap is on their offense vs. our defense.


Are you really denying that there’s a massive talent gap? Even Stevie Wonder can see that. The question is how to fix recruiting and I don’t think anyone has the answer (maybe a little extra $ would help though) 


Last year Garrett Wilson was the #1 WR recruit in Texas and he left to play for OSU and as a freshman he kicked UM’s ass today. 

This year, again, the #1 WR recruit in Texas, who broke every Texas high school football record for receiving yards and TDs, is committed to OSU.  

3-star DBs playing for UM simply cannot compete with that level of talent. 


OSU’s OL was way too much for our undersized DL.  OSU’s push was 5+ yards every run play.  We were never in this game.  A Michigan team gave up 264 yards on the ground.  Pathetic.


We need more talent.  That is the bottom line.  I don't know if we will get there but that is the answer.  The next two OSU recruiting classes are ridiculous.  We have an uphill battle.

The Oracle 2

At this point, there’s a significant talent gap between OSU and Michigan, just as there is a significant gap between OSU and all but one or two other college football programs.

You Only Live Twice

OSU is in a different league, that sums it up.


It's simple.  This program is dead. They're not nationally relevant.


Is there a talent gap? Yes.


Embrace the loss because we are nowhere near their talent level. And it’s not getting any better any time soon.


It's like they said during the broadcast, all 22 starters are potential pros. It is what it is.– victors2000


Stringer Bell

What a crock of shit.  This is a massive failure by Harbaugh and Brown.  Even Brady Hoke never lost by more than 14 to these fucks.  Harbaugh has lost by 23+ 3 times.  He's a fucking joke.

I don't care what Harbaugh did as a player, he does not understand this rivalry as a coach.  3 out of 5 years we've gotten absolutely destroyed, it's inexcusable.


sometimes w/ Harbaugh I wonder about CTE...


Harbaugh is the problem because we are at his ceiling.  Game has passed him by.  


Harbaugh apologists need to come up with a number of years where this lack of production remains acceptable.  When are we allowed to get upset about not beating Ohio State or winning a division, much less conference, championship?  Is it 7 years?  8?  An entire decade?  Tell me when it becomes okay to be upset.


Boneheaded mistakes and boneheaded play calls seem to happen with alarming regularity, under harbaugh's tenure. If he were let go today I'd be surprised, but I wouldn't be upset or disappointed. Im already pretty much as upset and disappointed as I can be, as a Michigan fan. We fired  Brady Hoke for this? We can win 9 games and lose the last 2 of the season every year for a lot less than we're paying this guy. 


Let's not forget: To this day, Hoke has a better record against Ohio.


0-5 and the margin is getting worse. Time for a new direction. 

I love Coach Harbaugh as a symbol of the program, but he doesn’t have it in him to make the next leap and to beat OSU. 


#FireHarbaugh. That’s it. I’m done. New leadership is needed.



Fire his ass. 30 points? Is game planning... smoking weed for 8mill a year. The Socialists love Jimmy. Free love free PSA free seats  ... no results. Loser 

Def go blue

The problem is Jim Harbaugh.  He can’t handle the pressure.


This was an embarrassing loss and I kinda wish I had never purchased a ticket for this game, and should have spent the time with my family for my one week visit to Michigan.   – uminks



The only bright spot is this is the last meaningful football game I have to watch Josh Metellus play.


Most overrated safety ever to play at Michigan. Dude gets burned like toast against OSU and PSU and fans still worship him. Dax will be such an upgrade. 

San Diego Mick

Shea Patterson as well, I know guys dropped some passes in the 2nd half but man he threw horribly in the 2nd half, behind guys, over guys, too short and on the INT in the 4th QT he threw it to where there were 4 defenders on one WR, just fucking pathetic.

The Dude

People like to say it's a talent disparity because the truth makes us shit on the players. They're mentally fragile and inconsistent. The defensive line is undersized and gets bullied against the run when the opponent has skill and size. Hudson can't stick to his assignment and hold the edge...it's a repeat of the Wisconsin game. Metellus was burned multiple times because he wasn't focused on staying deep. The WRs got the yips at halftime. 


Hudson and Metellus had particularly awful games, which sucks because they are seniors who have been good in the past. 

MetellusMetellus received the ire of many of That Team's fans.


The change in the NIL rule does seem like Michigan's best hope. As much as they're on national television (ESPN, Fox, and ABC), players might be able to make more money in AA than in most places. That said, OSU is on national TV a lot too.

The Barwis Effect

Sorry, NIL isn’t changing shit.  Teams like OSU, Alabama, Clemson etc. will always find a loophole to pay their players more. 


Hookers, dancers, cars. Man, makes me want to be recruited by OSU...


Your views align 100% with mine. Every year we think we can hide a weakness, but OSU usually finds it in the first quarter. The reason they can pick and choose what to exploit, is because they don’t have any real weakness themselves. Wanna attack our DL? No problem, Dobbins got it covered. Wanna Hit crossing routes? NBD. Deep balls? Got that too. 

And yes, I also hope for some structural change from the NCAA because this is getting pretty old. 


BS.  Georgia, Clemson and Bama turned it around before they started winning.  How? Ca$h that’s how.  When Saban took over Bama they sucked as bad as M under RR and Hoke. Within 2 years they had the #1 recruiting class and started winning.  


I grow tired of all the complaining about cheating when it comes to recruiting. It's really bad when your own recruiting coordinator hints at it. Here's the deal -- either shut up about it or use the very powerful resources at your disposal to shine some light on it. The fact that NOBODY is willing to investigate this tells me all I need to know about all the "cheating" when it comes to recruiting. I get that the NCAA doesn't care, but there's zero reason a hundred out of the 3 million U of M attorneys couldn't investigate it. Oh wait, I can think of one reason and you can all use your imagination to figure that out.

You Only Live Twice

They literally have the best team that money can buy, and their fans are already bragging about getting the best recruits for next year.  It's not just Fields that doesn't have to go to class either.  The entire program is run like the SEC.


We can all sit on our mythical high ground and say it is all about not paying enough, or our high academic standards, when the reality is, we are good but not great when it comes to football. I don’t see Harbaugh getting us to “Elite”, and maybe that is ok with some, but not for me.

Money Bag
If they had better bag men, That Team could compete with Ohio State...


Great game by Michigan! Never expected them to actually pull out a miraculous win but seeing them be able to move the ball so well on offense was a pleasant surprise.


That has been osu's luck in this game for years. Shit bounces always go their way.


Take Fields out of the game like Tua and we would have won as well 

anony mous

Harbaugh is our coach and we are headed in the right direction.  Even Paul Finebaum (JH hater?) was calling for an upset!



Can’t wait to see these guys sleepwalk through a garbage bowl game in late December 


Hard to admit  They were the better team. Poop. 


On to basketball season 


If you want to make an analogy to wealth, Michigan is old money that's doing just fine. OSU is fucking people in their ass with their giant cock of silver. Bama's is platinum and Clemson's is gold. The rest of us are just anuses of various sizes.


The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

This site is about as reliable as Shea Patterson. 


Choke job and terrible defense.


Its the talent, stupid.


We have a coach that lost his heart. But has a bag $$$$$


Yikes. We've got troubles.....


We're ass, my dude.– Tobias_Fünke

This never gets old.


Matt Rhule. What he has done with Baylor post-sanctions is miracle status. Dude’s first recruiting class was ranked in the 80s


You rattle the posts on Lincoln Riley, Venables, Whittingham.  Personally I'd seriously consider Larry Johnson.

Its really not hard to come up with a list of excellent coaches who'd have interest in an open HC position at Michigan.

You're also naive if you think Manuel isn't putting the file together on this in the coming days as well. 

Anus Prepared?
Harbaugh had his anus prepared for the 56-27 ass-whooping his team received. 


0-10 now as underdogs? 

Guaranteed 3 losses per year. Michigan football under Harbaugh. 


Michigan and Penn State should consider leaving the Big 10 together.

How does the rest of the Big 10 benefit from losing to Ohio State every year also? What is Penn State's record against them in the last 25 years? Wisconsin's? MSU? Everyone else? 

Face facts: They are Clemson and we collectively are the pathetic ACC losers they play. Ain't gonna change. So why keep doing it? Leave. 


Those who want Harbaugh fired are welcome to suggest what head coach would do a better job that would actually come here given the 800-lb gorilla down US 23.

Firing Harbaugh almost certainly requires Michigan to hire a worse coach at this point. That coach won’t out-recruit OSU, either. It’s almost certainly a Bo Pellini move.

I don’t like this, either, but it is what it is. Michigan got the best possible coach in Harbaugh, and it’s not enough. 

Salvatore Quattro

There isn't anyone out there better than Harbaugh is for Michigan.


I don't see Michigan ever beating OSU in my lifetime again. 


I feel like I've seen this exact game before.  It was pretty close to a note-for-note repeat of 2018.  But also in 2015 Michigan had the best run defense in the nation and Zeke and Barrett ran for something like 350 yards combined.


My hat is off to you guys that starting watching Michigan football in the 2000's and stuck with it.  It has given you nothing back.

Quite frankly, you deserve better.


Became a fan as a freshman in 2006. On days like today I wonder why I keep putting myself through this


They have always taken this series more seriously than we do. They get trophies for beating Michigan (the gold pants). We talk about how we're classier than they are. They cross off Ms, we chuckle at when they miss one. They care much more about this and the last two decades have proven that.

BPONE, sure, but until we take this rivalry, if we can call it that, as seriously as they do,  both in their commitment to coaching and doing what's needed to be done to recruit, theres really not a point to Michigan football outside of it funding other sports. 


It's ND/Navy now boys. It's not a rivalry it's a sideshow. 

Crime Reporter

It was over on the second play of OSU's opening drive when Dobbins fumbled and it bounced back to him in stride for a big gain.


It’s senseless to talk about replacing JH. Name the available coach that can get you 9-10 wins a season, year after year, in a division with OSU, MSU, and PSU.

If you think you can, name him. If not, STFU.


...we don't have the talent to compete against ohio.  Our d-line was pushed around like rag dolls and guys like Matellus played like knuckleheads...

Face it, we now know what it feels like to be sParty fans and we're the little 'bro.  We're a second tier team and will rarely if ever compete against the big boys. 


We once again had ZERO chance of winning this game and never will while Harbaugh is coaching.  

People who thought we were just a few mistakes away from wining and sadly delusional. 


It's simple.  This program is dead. They're not nationally relevant. Their "brand" is, but not the team. Never been to Indy.  Can't beat biggest rival.  Can't even do what MSU and Penn State have done.


It’s time to put the “Michigan Man” misnomer to bed once and for all.


Another year, another embarrassing blowout loss to our arch rival. Michigan will never beat Ohio State ever again.


Dobbins and the interior of their offensive line destroyed us today. I am sad. 

Pugent Sound Blue

Ohio State owns Michigan and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Michigan may get an upset here and there. But that's the best we'll get for a long time.


December 2015:  "Thank God Zeke Elliott is gone now."

December 2016:  "Thank God JT Barrett is gone now."

December 2018:  "Thank God Dwayne Haskins is gone now."

December 2019:  "Thank God JK Dobbins is gone now."

I think I see the problem . . .


After the game, I went to Fraiser's and drank myself into oblivion. It's kind of like the realization that one's marriage is finally over. – Amaznbluedoc

Keep On Keepin' On.
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