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Gus Compares JK to Emmitt Smith

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December 1, 2019 at 7:03am

I think that Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt are the best in the business, bar none. They are the only pair of TV announcers that I would rather listen to over local radio announcers.

During yesterday's game, Gus mentioned that JK Dobbins reminded him of someone. He said he just figured it out. It was none other than NFL career rushing yards leader and Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith.


But I certainly agree.

They are very similar in body physique, which gives them both the power that they need. They both can use that strength to power through the runs inside the tackles. They can use that strength to break free from one on one tackles, meaning you better bring a crew to get them on the ground.

They both have that extra "passing gear" that they can find when needing speed on the outside. They both use it to separate from pursuing defenders. Especially when JK put the capper on the day in the 4th quarter. He easily outpaced the tired Michigan defenders for the Buckeyes' final points.

They are both both accomplished receivers out of the backfield. They become a match up nightmare in this scenario - good luck trying to successfully cover with a linebacker. We saw yesterday how lethal JK was on an inside wheel route - see ya!

And they are both accomplished blockers in the backfield at blitz pickup.

High praise indeed - but not undeserved.


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