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Comment 1 hour ago

I will take the other viewpoint JPF.

What I saw in the Hudl highlight clip was a lot of positives. So I think the talent is there - it becomes the charge of our coaches to bring it out.

When Jagger threw off his back foot only, he tended to underthrow the receiver. But it looked like it was a defense optional game, so he got away with it. However, when Jagger really stepped into the throw and drove the ball - it was spot on in stride for the TD. There is even a play where LaRoe takes a shot to the chest a millisecond after delivering a strike to an open receiver for the TD.

What I am trying to say - is don't sleep on this kid.

Comment 06 May 2019

If the "committee" sees fits to annihilating a team's worthiness for a playoff spot based on a late season conference road loss (that the team is locked into based on league schedules), then the sure as hell should penalize the shit out of programs who schedule (THEIR CHOICE)  late season home games that they are guaranteed to win by 50 points.

I would like to see a "lack of strength of schedule" penalty invoked. Those pussies in Tuscaloosa are consistently ranked in the top 10 for SOS. A few seasons back, they scheduled a late season game against Kent State, consistently ranked at 100-119 SOS. If they wanted to give that win some validity, play it outdoors north of the Mason Dixon line. Even in Nashville, or Cincinnati - no domed facilities. But c'mon Brooksie - that ain't never gonna happen.

If they committee wanted to truly get the four best teams in the playoffs, a good start would be not only not rewarding - but penalizing a team, who makes a deliberate choice to inflate its record with a paper victory.

Comment 29 Apr 2019

Me too Flash.

Saw Parris in action many times for the Irish. You know you are special when you can take a toss sweep 2 yards deep in the end zone; and instantly know you are gone. And when the HEAD COACH of THE Ohio State University shows up unannounced for the state title game in your junior year and offers you a full ride on the spot - yup, you're doing something.

But what is most impressive about Parris is his growth as a man and a leader during his time in Columbus. Had to basically learn a new position on the field. Through all that hard work, he became a team captain - and it was all deserving.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

All kids now a days want this HANDED TO THEM: CEO pay and title with zero work experience, and zero responsibilities. Work for that? Are you serious? Don't you know who I am????

Shit kid - I WANT THAT JOB.......

Wake up and join the real world

Comment 16 Apr 2019

My thoughts exactly, BB.

Here's a thought to try on for size: I wonder how many current in state talented DEs at the high school level dream about coming to play DE at Ohio State - and being gifted jersey number 97? Just like RBs and no. 45 or LBs and no. 36 back in the day....

Comment 14 Mar 2019

Spot on, Captain! My man Brooks was The Human Vacuum Cleaner before Hoover was in existence.