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More Nervous vs More Confident About The Game This Year Compared to Last Year.

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November 26, 2019 at 6:47pm

Last year I made a post about The Game as our fan base was divided into thirds; confident, worried/skeptical and doubtful for many reasons discussed at nauseam on this site last year.

My question: Are you more confident this year or were more worried/skeptical last year if you were one who was worried/skeptical and why.

For me, I am more confident this year [not cocky, but feeling good about our chances] because I watched last years game over the last 2 days I saw the focus and intensity in which we played in a year where this was questioned weekly. This year our defense has played much better and the team is more focused. It appears we have better chemistry which has translated to better performance on the field. Our offense seems to be able to attack from multiple areas. If we minimize the penalties and turnovers which plagued us last year and take all their punches and punch back twice as hard. I feel our depth and conditioning will take over late in the game.




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