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Comment 19 Jan 2020
Why when reading this list do I have a range of emotions. On one hand I'm so proud of what they've accomplished and being part of this team it has been the national spotlight them her good and bad but mostly good reasons over this past decade. They won lot of good games and they dominated Michigan. Another handy look back at the losses and get frustrated because you know they are capable of achieving so much more. And then you take the Jim Tressel scandal, the vacated season, the Zach Smith Saga, and the Urban Meyer suspension thrown in as well. This really has been any an emotional rollercoaster ride of a decade. I'm looking forward to a decade without Scandal controversy continued success both on and off the field.
Comment 18 Jan 2020
I thought based on the headline in the story that I was going to read this article and feel better about a running back recruiting. After reading the article there's no change in my optimism or skepticism towards the recruiting of running back in Ohio State. I Believe In Coach day and I believe in the system I need your help putting my faith that we'll figure this out sooner rather than later.
Comment 16 Jan 2020
I agree. Mentioned this several times in other posts without a response. I live in AZ and don't understand why the field was crap. I went to the Browns game 8 days prior when they play the Cardinals and nobody fell at all like they did that night on the 28th. It makes absolutely no sense to me why that field should being such poor condition. It seemed like we could not get our footing all night and I'm wondering if that was an equipment failure on our part.
Comment 16 Jan 2020

Let me know what you think when you do. I am not mad it;s just I have no desire to relive that pain. I turned of the 2016 Clemson game at half and have never watched a single play afterwards. My memory is all I have left and am trying to get rid of it is tough enough without adding fuel to the flame.

GO BUCKS 2020 !!!!

Comment 16 Jan 2020

I imagine his knee hurt and the pain caused some of the throws to be to be slightly off. It was apparent in the FB that the limited mobility affected out our offense slightly. Wish we had been at full health. I know that they are apart of the game but maybe this one could have been prevented, not sure. When you play tough injuries will happen. Looking forward to a healthy Fields leading us next year. GO BUCKS