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“We sat and we looked at the reports that the general managers had sent on him about the draft, and I took what those guys said, what they saw as strengths and weaknesses, and I sat down and I said, ‘OK, here we go, here’s what they think you’re really good at … OK, how can we enhance it and make you better? And then here’s what they think you’re weak at; OK, let’s attack this problem,’” Studrawa said. “And so we found three or four things in each of those guys’ games and we’ve been doing drills and technique things since the summer to try to make them better at those things.”

WOW, This is SO COOL. SLOBS are back and will be better this year.

What notable Sr/Jr's are missing from the second unit ?

Comment 9 hours ago

By the end of the first quarter if the game is not decided by 3 TDs  someone on the game thread will complain

By halftime if the game is close and we give up a few passing TDs  someone on the game thread will complain

By the end of the 3rd quarter if we don't have 100 yards rushing  someone on the game thread will complain

By the end of the game after we win someone on the game thread will complain abouth something

GO BUCKS, GLAD Football is back and hope its here to stay

Comment 19 Oct 2020

See the other thread about playoff preferences. If paper teams won championships TTUN would be dangerous......

Comment 15 Oct 2020

My question is this if we made a list lets say on the players in the last 20 years. Which coach would have more players on the list, Tressel or Meyer. This is not to disrespect either of them or shine a negative light but just to further the discussion. I would say Tressel but could be wrong. 

Comment 15 Oct 2020

And, amazingly, their first experience of a national championship season would not have come until they were approaching 40!—in 2002.  And this would have come after the heartaches of the 1990s.  (Did a Buckeyes fan born in 1963 wonder in the 1990s: am I ever going to see a natty in my lifetime?)

For me I was lived this era and believe it is the best because although I had to wait and maybe the National Championships have not been as numerous as I would have wished. I am living the BEST era of Buckeye football. The string of coaches who each has improved the team has led us to this point. We always were a national brand but not to this level, The talent and coaching and success now with the hope of future Championships to come and the continue success over the TSUN has made this for me the best era.

GO BUCKS..8 DAYS and counting

Comment 10 Oct 2020
Agree, with those above who are maybe apprehensive about this year. Not because of the lack of talent but more the lack of opportunity to have practice. Spring/Spring game ect missed to give valuable practice time to the position groups in need of this time. I believe in the coaching staff to prepare them but missed practice opportunities will be missed. I think that the defense more than the offense will be effected by this loss time.
Comment 09 Oct 2020

How does that happen, unless you a Tater. Does Jimmy have any resemblance of a plan to regain notoriety or is this your new/but not new baseline ?