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Comment 3 hours ago

SO TRUE, every year even though we have dominated the series in this century I still have that moment of fear. Even in the game when it was finally mathematically impossible for them is when I began to feel relief. I imagine this year that I will feel the same and maybe worse because its in the Big Outhouse.

Comment 3 hours ago

Teams like Neb and others will use our aggression via misdirection plays against us at key moments.

Comment 22 Sep 2019
My concerns. 1. LB play 2. Lack of truly being challenged and how the team will respond 3. First big road test for a young QB in a hostile environment
Comment 18 Sep 2019
Do you think the Ohio State fan base can be broken down to a: those who live during the 10-year War b: those who live during the Cooper years and c: those who lived the Rivalry since 2001. I think the Buckeye attitude depends on what are a Buckeye football you grew up watching
Comment 16 Sep 2019
Agree with TB but UFM was more predictable in my opinion. Cant wait to see how this season plays out especially when we get challenged.
Comment 16 Sep 2019

On offense I am liking the non conservative nature and less predictability than shadowed most of the past 7 years.

On defense they are playing past and tackling, still skeptical if a true passing QB comes in to pick apart our zone. Love the Dline depth as well


Comment 07 Sep 2019
So they pulled a Shanahan. Why do coaches not play the percentages when up against a bigger opponent. In our game, 3rd and a foot. Pass into endzone and some QB sneak.
Comment 06 Sep 2019

It will be a close first half

Our depth/conditioning will pull us out in the second providing we don't have too many turnovers

Some games are not about talent, recruits, or how the team did against another team.

They are the personality of the coach and Fickell will have them ready to play and they will be a challenge. Now if it was played in November I would feel better because our O-line will have time to develop

Master Teague runs better than Dobbins, not sure why this is still an ongoing issue for us but it will be our downfall this year