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Comment 13 Jan 2021
I certainly get in can appreciate after although Clemson heartbreak spending a year focusing on one game and using it as motivation in the offseason. There's a part of me however that believes so much Focus was put on Clemson that by the time we got to the national championship game we were just emotionally and physically spent. Not that they did not give for effort and maybe I'm wrong and maybe it would or would not have changed the outcome. I know they said all the right things and the goal was not just to be Clemson but was to get to National Championship Game. I know the loss can be pinned on many things I'm just wondering if focusing on one team all offseason may have contributed in some capacity.
Comment 12 Jan 2021

Defensively NOT one of our better squads. Sold out to beat Clemson and had nothing left for yesterday. Outcoached on both sides of the ball. Just a bad day.

Comment 12 Jan 2021

Agree, I'd argue we were just as out schemed on defense as offense. The offense looked out of sync all night and Sermon or Williams or Eddie George would not have made a difference. Fields was more hurt than he led on and played through some intense pain, true Buckeye warrior and legend. He needs another year but wont stay. We had moments where we strung some good plays but it started with first down on both sides of the ball. They were in short yardage situations most of if not all of the night while we were in long situations most of the night. The defense played bad and everyone expected them to play bad. This said, Bama was the better team, deserved to win and not many teams in history would have beaten them last night. I thought we had a chance but fell short. 

Comment 12 Jan 2021

Thanks for sharing. The idea is great but difficult for these young men to ignore their possible reward vs risk of injury. PSU under Jo Pa would have a great team every 4th or 5th year that was laden heavy with seniors. Bama is an NFL factory as well and there performance last was fueled by those who chose to return. Several members of our team this chose as well, the goal to beat Clemson and get to the NCG. Wondering, if so much focus was on Clemson that we were do for a letdown. GO BUCKS, still proud of what they accomplished.

Comment 12 Jan 2021

I think we had got outplayed and out coached on both sides of the ball. Although the score did not show it I thought the defense did about what was expected, maybe could have had a few more stops it the tackling was better. The offense never got a rhythm and I feel many of the plays were predictable. Just a rough night on especially on the line of scrimmage. Wonder if all the focus on Clemson could have led to us "putting all our egss into one basket". Oh well, we will be back !

Comment 11 Jan 2021
Out coached on both sides of the ball and it wasn't even close. Expected the defense too but not the offense.
Comment 11 Jan 2021

Salmon and Steak, my red #7 authentic jersey and Four Peaks Octoberfest. Thats all I will admit to. GO BUCKS

Comment 10 Jan 2021

WOW, just WOW. Too many people are stuck in there own way. We ALL have excuses, successful people chose to ignore the excuses and work through them while many live the excuse and embrace it, but rarely achieve anything. Glad he is a part of this team,

Comment 09 Jan 2021

No one has taken Bama into the 4th qrtr and go punch for punch with them successfully. I think if we play our best game we can accomplish this on Monday. We need Fields to take what the defense gives him and not force stuff especially if we are playing from behind. Come on BUCKEYES punch back HARDER !!!

Comment 07 Jan 2021

He’ll be part of a group that has to to maneuver a stout offensive line that won the Joe Moore Award, tackle Najee Harris who’s viewed as the nation’s best running back, defend a wide receiver corps that includes Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith and corral quarterback Mac Jones who earned a Heisman finalist nod. 

Think by the team is TIRED of this narrative, I know I am, keep poking the bull my friends