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Comment 3 hours ago
Appreciate your optimism and honesty but I am very cautious. Although this team comes out prepared and adjusts quickly compared to past teams with equivalent talent. Something this year feels different in terms of team preparation and focus which gives me hope. I am still cautiously optimistic because anything can happen at any time in sports.
Comment 15 Nov 2019

I have been thinking about a topic along these lines. Which Buckeye off the field event event either good/bad caused lead to the most threads/comments from 11warriors fans. Maybe the mods can look this up. Just off the top of my head. [in no particular order]

1. Tate Martel

2. Zach Smith

3. Justin Fields transfering in 

4. Meyers suspension

5. Purdue/Iowa losses

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Chase took a small loan from a close family friend last year to cover basic life expenses. Loan was repaid months ago and we’re working to restore his eligibility. Unfair and outdated NCAA rules punish athletes for making ends meet while enriching everyone else.

^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

So they 90's happened at at that time we had the better team but lost most of the time. We went into each game knowing we should win but rarely could.  Is the state of the fan base now that which we experienced back then which is optimistic but doubtful ? I posted an article last year on this site when some of our fans had our doubts about whether we could win based on how are team played all year. The question was, What gives you hope this year ? So, I am presenting this question to you, What gives you hope ? And I for the record wont be comfortable until the clock strikes zero on the 30th and we have the lead.