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53 Minutes of Dominance

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November 26, 2019 at 3:30am

By the way, I am taking these numbers from the play-by-play, so with penalty yards, these numbers won't exactly match the total game stats for offensive yards.

How dominant were the Buckeyes against Penn St? Consider this:

1st half - Penn St had 5 possessions, all 5 ended in a punt, 3 were 3-and-out. They had 64 yards on 25 plays, an avg. of 2.56 yds/play. Their deepest penetration was the OSU 36. OSU had 245 yards and led 14-0. Fumble was the only reason it wasn't 21-0.

OSU takes 2nd half kickoff and goes 75 yards for a TD. Total yardage is now 320-64 and it is a 21-0 game. Very 1-sided.

At the 11:22 mark of the 3rd qtr. PSU takes over at their own 25, down 21-0. At the 4:22 mark, PSU kicks a FG to bring the score to 21-17. For those 7:00 of clock time, they had 98 total yards on 19 plays, an avg. of 5.16 yds per play. Not exactly setting the world on fire. The two drives following OSU turnovers netted 23 yards on 10 plays, a 2.3 yd/play avg.

From the 4:22 mark on in Q3, PSU had 4 more possessions. Punt, Interception, downs, downs. 48 total yards on 21 plays, for a 2.29 ypp avg. 1 3-and-out, 1 4-and-out. 3 total first downs over the final 19:22. Deepest penetration was the OSU 27.

Recap: During those "other" 53 minutes of the game, PSU had 9 possessions. 6 ended in punts - 4 of which were 3-and-out, 1 in a turnover, 2 on downs. Their last drive went 4 plays for -9 yards with 2 sacks. Their deepest drive ended at the OSU 27 - never reached the red zone.

That may explain why Day's play-calling was a bit conservative. Tressel ball works when you have a defense like this.

Your thoughts?

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